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the limbo of lunary souls..
a ghost.. a real ghost.. has no need to die.. what is she except a being without access to the universe that she has not yet managed to forget? ~ randall jarrell
Interests: atoms for peace, infj, vintage holiday, halloween, fisher price, golden books, golden magazine, jack & jill magazine, vintage halloween, classic toys, vintage children's books, midlake, decemberists, sea wolf, sparklehorse, eels, radiohead, art, vampires, gothic, horror, edgar allen poe, victorian, lewis carroll, depression, nick drake, goth, movies, photography, cats, psychology, psychotherapy, comics, poetry, elliott smith, autumn, tim burton, classic movies, weight loss, alice in wonderland, thom yorke, opeth, american mcgee's alice, expressionism, eating disorders, ed's, anorexia, agoraphobia, si, self injury, gumby, collectible toys, vintage wonder books, cemeteries, taphophilia, elder scrolls, grimm, american horror story, walking dead, tin toys, rpg, self harm, anxiety, social phobia, nightmare before xmas, weight control, weight, art clokey, davey and goliath, squirrel nut zippers, lenore, carousels, edwardian, steampunk, indie music, vintage toys, sms, self-mutilation, disorganized attachment, fearful avoidant attachment, attachment disorder, insecure attachment, psychoanalysis, selbstverletzung automutilatie, dark rides
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through the years i've enjoyed making artbooks through shutterfly, among other cool personalized items.. the rows of never opened doors, the abstracts.. of course one devoted to my toyroom i posted about at the lost & found toy blog here... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at snowball in hell
so what are you doing for #bookshopday? ~ i'm shopping for books at the fall friends of the multnomah county library book sale ~ what better way to spend a rainy day? ~ i always find good vintage kid's books here ~ but i also check psychology, supernatural & oregon... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at lost & found vintage toys
another dover mini sticker book today ~ cool art stickers this time ~ by wassily kandinsky :) ~ i enjoy artists like kandinsky & klee <3 ~ bren Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at lost & found vintage toys
#oregon #washington #nature #naturetherapy #rockhound #waterfall #river #infj #thesmile #booknerds #tolkien #cemetery #thomyorke sunset falls in washington was a nice spot to pick up a few stones, past lucia & moulton falls that i've photo'd before in our old albums, the trail was overgrown & no humans, just the way we like it :) (sound up) also not only did mr dad's old friend leave my tolkienstone at the grave, he is bringing one back for us From tolkien's grave! :D i'll paint his signature symbol on this new tolkienstone & keep it on our tolkienshelf.. so cool! i posted more pix of the grave & the oxford cemetery at the very end of my huge cemeteria album <3 hey rich z animation followed me on insta! he's a stop-motion animator who did extensive work on nightmare before xmas, coraline, james & the giant peach & peewee's playhouse :D he was commenting about koyaanisqatsi, & i mentioned 'life out of balance' since i'm an old koyaanisqatsi fan & then he followed me, must've seen the gumbyland bio note..? we're staying home for the memorial day weekend since it'll likely be busy everywhere, also it's been a merciful spring with record rain & wonderful temps, but summer's inevitable & i want little to do with it. (vampire.) :( i'm thinking of writing another book.. ? p.s. i am loving the new album by thom & johnny & the smile :)
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today's dover book ~ all about life in a medieval castle ~ i've posted other books about medieval castles here before ~ reminds me of elden ring ;) ~ i'll be heading back there shortly :) ~ would you like to live in a castle? ~ click on medieval in... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at lost & found vintage toys
a dover book today ~ the book of kells ~ a coloring book version ~ celtic religious iconography ~ hey is anyone else out there getting into elden ring? ~ i am ;) ~ i'll have to devote (another) post to it soon ~ intricate knots & designs ~ by... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at lost & found vintage toys
sally as you know i wanted this one for ages! yeah that button is terrible, huh? maybe for my more socially avoidant days? i've just read the sad ghost club zines/books & have more sgc stuff i'll post later on, as well as a couple gumby items/updates too ;)
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hey sally! yeah i had been commenting about this over at the other blog, this meant alot to all of us involved
are you a wildwood fan? ~ lately i've been hanging out over at colin meloy's substack where we all talk about decemberists music or discuss books in the reading room ;) ~ as a huge decemberists fan it has been so cool to have colin 'like' my comments there ~... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at lost & found vintage toys
i had a blast yesterday watching a live stream on insta of krofftkon, which is happening all weekend at the orinda theater in northern california ~ click the link to see marty krofft's grandson, griffin, taking the video :) ~ & yeah, that's me there with weird comments & a... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at lost & found vintage toys
#tolkien #infj #books #music #lostandfoundtoys #decemberists #collector #cemeteria #library here's a cool update i promised way back here in old comments - all who wander are not lost - & hey, colin meloy liked another one of my comments re: tim snyder's books & rainy portland days ;) ps - i just was able to capture my visit to krofftkon live on insta in orinda california! that was amazingly cool!! :D update: more here -
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a very special post today in honor of our favorite author jrr tolkien, as old friends of mr dad's are visiting oxford & graciously placed my painted tolkienstone on his grave in remembrance of his life's works that we have all loved so much.. yeah, for all of us nerds... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at lost & found vintage toys
does anybody else remember hodgepodge lodge?? this flashback friday favorite post is from 2013.. a vintage book i found recently from 1976 ~ what caught my attention was that it's by jean reese worthley, 'miss jean' from hodge podge lodge ~ toxic loved to watch that show on public tv... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
more dover books ~ mini sticker books ~ all birds ~ common birds ~ for your birdwatching journal perhaps? ~ & audubon birds ~ called seals here ~ vintage style ~ the robins are up early here <3 ~ wrapping up bird week ~ bren Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
this one is for the birds ;) ~ today's dover coloring book ~ & for the birdwatchers ~ our backyard robin nest is empty now ~ & the young fledglings are all about the back & front yards with their parents ~ all this rain we're having has provided lots... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
another dover coloring book ~ backyard nature ~ by dot barlowe just like yesterday's dover book ~ raccoons ~ birds & bunnies ~ mice ~ bats ~ bees & butterfies ~ chipmunks & squirrels ~ we've enjoyed a wealth of backyard nature here in oregon ~ so many birds ~... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
more dover books this week ~ with a focus on nature ~ starting with a walk in the woods ~ we have so many birds active all around our house currently ~ & i recently spotted a dear deer in a stand of trees on one of our rockhounding drives... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
#infj #ghostgallery #art #arttherapy #nature #trees #mentalhealth #rowsofneveropeneddoors #thesmile well, it was despair for a bit, but then i was able to go for another drive yesterday with the sasquatch i'm married to.. (40 years ago upon first seeing mr dad i said to my best friend, 'so who's the sasquatch?' & it stuck, i've fully domesticated him now..) so we headed out along the clackamas river this time on our latest rockhounding expedition, unfortunately with all the rain we've been having the rivers are running high & fast & we couldn't find an exposed gravel bar for jasper, & also it was a stark difference from the last time we drove that area because it was before the last big riverside fire that had us all scared & hiding from toxic smoke.. i did take my usual tree photos though, & ended up with this new album i'm calling 'tree graveyard' (sound up) we didn't head back out today because i'm already feeling that super flower blood moon/eclipse looming tonight :o oh & i think a big asteroid just missed us? yeah, i stayed home enjoying the new album by thom & the smile.. & now my 'muchness' album has full sound! <3 come jump into the hatter's hat & join me there - (sound up!) i mentioned how i follow colin meloy's substack? it was kinda cool recently he liked one of my comments about how much i love the weird chord he uses in the song 'make you better' <3 & then sid krofft liked a couple more of my comments over on insta too :D (i mentioned how i've always credited witchiepoo with being one of my earliest fashion influences ;) i've added a few items to gumbyland & some cool retro krofft collectibles to my collection, that i'll be posting over at the lost & found soon, & i am trying to curb my boredshopping. but look! this one's reasonable, right? ok, well, follow our latest misadventures here as our latest photo album gets underway - the lost album - (sound up of course) i'm trying.. i keep on trying.. .. p.s. our robin fledglings are doing great, mom's been finding them lots of earthworms thanks to all the rain..
Toggle Commented May 16, 2022 on the ghost gallery at snowball in hell
it's cd sunday ~ with some dvds too ~ i've enjoyed windham hill since the old vhs days when i rented & bought their peaceful videos to help calm my anxious brain ~ i even listened to windham hill on cassette in preparation for labor when i was pregnant with... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
a selection from my bedside reading assortment ~ the dictionary of obscure sorrows ~ a best-seller for booknerds ~ foreword by steven wright ;) ~ if you're someone who noticed there are things for which no word exists to express them, this book is for you ~ now you have... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
some mystery items for this special day ~ these tiny boxes contain world's smallest versions of vintage classic toys ~ but you don't know which one you've got till you open it up ~ yay! i was super lucky to have plucked just the toy i was looking for ~... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
one more day of bunnies ~ old time easter leftovers, bunny stickers from dover ~ i didn't realize they had glitter when i added them to my dover book club box :o (ocd = not a fan of glitter) ~ bren Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
more bunnies ~ today's dover book is the story of peter rabbit ~ in coloring book form ~ an old favorite ~ i've posted beatrix potter items several times here at the lost & found ~ i have beatrix potter prints up in my own room & bath :) ~... Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
just bunnies for awhile ~ starting with another dover mini book ~ full of old time bunny rabbit stickers ~ we have regular wild bunnies here in our yard :) ~ & once upon a time we had a pet bunny named matilda <3 ~ bren Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys
let's take the time machine back 70 years ago ~ to may of 1952 ~ here's a deep sea romance poem from child life magazine ~ toxic's first bike was a schwinn ~ food fun & mother's day breakfast ~ playtime & accident guide (yikes!) ~ let's make a stuffy... Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2022 at lost & found vintage toys