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I as a taxpayer don't want right to work Gov Rauner to steal from state servants contracts to funnel it towards more tax breaks and jobs for only him, his do-nothing wife (wouldn't include her but she has a 6 figure tax paid assistant but doesn't actually do any IL work... Not that rauner does: just hangs out in his office until a photo op comes along), and for rauners 10 investors... The billionaires who helped you buy the election: spending 3x prior campaign money to invest in their interest. But Rauner knows all about paying a politician as an investment: he gave huge monthly sums to Blago to secure his ever increasing ridiculous wealth. What kind of sick greed is it to have 800 beautiful chairs in front of you: more than you'll ever need and then steal our fold up metal chairs that we use everyday because you just want all the chairs. Special place in hell for the likes of Rauner.
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Apr 23, 2016