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Bill Ayers is more direct: "We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution. . . ""
FireDogLake, supposedly one of those "intellectual" lefty sites, poured the hate on Charles Krauthammer: "note the conflation of Islam with a nationality, as though American Muslims—who also died on 9/11—are somehow foreign, and therefore, it’s 'provocative' for them to practice their religion in the US’s largest city." They seriously think that American conservatives would be more comfortable with a "cultural center" built by American Neo-Nazis or American convert Islamist triumphalists than with one built by modern, innocent, foreign Germans, Japanese or thoroughly progressive Egyptian (for example) Muslims? PhD commenter LFC agrees with FDL. Because conservatives fear foreigners more than evil ideologies, in the minds of liberals. The 9/11 attack was a triumph of violent islam over peaceful, American-style Islam (well, peaceful except for a minority of Islamist extremists and Muslim army psychologists). Even if the backers of the project had totally innocent intentions, what would keep violent Islamists from taking control once the Cordoba House was built? Such a powerful, irresistible symbol of triumph. Scheduled to open on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, probably before the memorial. Local authorities wouldn't allow the Orthodox church destroyed in the attack to be re-built taller than the proposed memorial. Why allow the Cordoba House to be taller? Scared?
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It's so illuminating when "spin" like that is written down and analyzed. While the group sponsoring this mosque may have a LEGAL right to build where landing gear from one of the 9/11 jets fell, they don't have the right to demand tolerance for this project from people to whom they show no sensitivity. And the Imam pushing the site doesn't deserve State Department sponsorship on overseas junkets. This group doesn't have the right to other government help in their project, either. Some thoughts from a British "bigot". Recommended by Ace. We learn that not all Muslims are in favor of this edifice. Some even think the plan to build a mosque there is an evil plot by THE JEWS. The simple faith of progressives in any plan presented by a member of a "minority" with the stated goal of "building bridges" allows those progressives to ignore all sorts of inconvenient information. Their good intentions MUST bring about positive results. Because they have good intentions. Right?
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Your second link about Andrew Breitbart is instructive: his focus is on getting the attacks on the Tea Party stopped. Shirley Sherrod is the unfortunate focus of the moment. And she doesn't seem to me to have fully formed her current ideology, though she insists that our divisions today are "all about money". Her "epiphany" that all issues are economic and class issues, and therefore secondarily about created divisions between races, makes her a more sympathetic figure to many, however. Breitbart is being portrayed as unfair for presenting an audited video. This is, I think, unfair to HER, but not unfair to the NAACP and their allies who care nothing for the reputations of individuals in other ideological camps. Breitbart has been consistent in making clear his intentions to use the Left's tactics and strategies against them, especially since he started Big Government. And he did get a reaction, didn't he?
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Jul 21, 2010