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Not convinced that people want to share everything they watch as they watch it. Hopefully they will have more fine-tuned controls. For now is still a good alternative. Sharing only what you rate, when you rate it... and can work without Facebook.
"create a site that stores your DVD queue" All DVD-related features of the API are being discontinued, so after October 14th that won't be possible. Even if you have DVD service, the only way to see or manage your queue will be through the Netflix website.
They removed reviews from the API, and now this. Netflix clearly "owns" your reviews, and now don't even attribute them to you. Maybe this is just in preparation of switching to Facebook profiles. If so, they should just do it all at once instead of making people temporarily upset.
The website is crawling, but appears to be working. The API is having issues too.
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Jun 19, 2011