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Cool! I'll e-mail and we can figure something out. Oh - and to answer your earlier questions, which I must have totally spaced: * No idea when I'll have them for sale, because I've more or less given up on the project. (Though a couple people have asked me to resurrect it.) * If I do publish, the only thing that will come in the box is the cards - that way you save money, and I can keep the rules current if I simply keep them online. * The deck will probably cost around $15, not including shipping. * I once thought I'd do themed decks but then found I could do just about any setting I could imagine with the core deck alone. Blank cards are a good idea, though!
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2012 on That's Drama at GameDevBlog
Gregg, could you (or someone) link to some sample code or docs that show how to do that? I'm a web n00b and have no idea how to layer HTML text on top of the native client pane.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2011 on Text Rendering in Native Client at GameDevBlog
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Aug 11, 2011