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Ernest Voffo Momo the phone booth operator needs more support than the prize winning award.The government has not been encouraging athletes in no way for this race.Many foreign athletes abroad are also being discouraged by the poor management of the athletic federation.For the past 14years of race of hope as we hear there has been financial lapses from unscrupuous organisers who need to go into booking for embesslement but has gone scot-free.Some popular heroic names have gone unnoticed;Mike Short,Timothy Lekunze and so on.We just hope the RACE of HOPE will not become the race of viciousness as it has been named recently... Fritzane Kiki
It is ridiculous for the government to be extending their warning signal to the diplomatic corps while begging for financial assistance from them.Whatsoever be the case the 'resigned CPDM' bundits and/or the bunch of members who have taken the oath of office does not matter as to the credibility of the ELECAM.Majority of the populace apart from the diplomatic corp has expressed a dissenting view of the body which lacks what is supposed to be a democratic body to run a free and fair elections. Cameroon is an indivisible country but when we see things going this way then we start to rethink our point of view that Cameroon will be free not by the Bible but by the Gun.I mean not by words but by action.A country where the president has no time for the poor and take vacation at will.He is now in France as usual and his salary is passing but let a civil servant dare take such leave of absence know the consequence... Fritzane Kiki
I am coming to understand that some of us lack any judgement on the ongoing maneouvres of the LRC,as if we don't have eyes to see or ears to hear about these ills and cankeworm.Nigerians born in SC are definately SCians.But on a wider scale as to what entails development of seasonal roads,schools and major infractures in the area it will take some more centuries in the SC before the LRC government can bring sustainable change and development.The economy in the neglected SC continues to slump while the people live in abject poverty. We know we shall get there one day. De Fritzo
Brethren, Finally,at this defining moment in our history,political observers will bear with me that this load is more than the SDF which needs a blood splitting sacrifice.Despite efforts to forcefully denounce the constitutional amendments it was finally passed.The narrow-minded past of the opposition parties and its proclaimed partisan politics has not yet been fulfilled.It is the result of this easily passed bill.Little doubt why the opposition parties have been accused of some financial connivance with the government. The lack of civic empowerment or a true democracy in the Biya's regime whose iron clad rule is similar to a fiery guerrilla leader,could not be overemphasised.A country where civil liberties,speech,movement and assembly is restricted.Lapiro De Mbanga's recent arrest is a clear example of the Biya's regime;a heritage of lynching from Ahidjo. It needs not only one person but the whole nation to stand and say 'enough of this shit'.If not then the CPDM and its bandwagon will continue to hijack the electoral system and amend the constitution to their favor.However,those sellout politicians will pay their political price and stand justice since they have turned the nation's business into a private affair. Fritzane Kiki S.K
The venerated SDF political adage was 'Biya must go','Power to the People' now it is 'No to constitutional amendments'.If NJFN talks of Biya's age then he should also think of himself.They are birds of thesame feathers vying for power and almost of thesame age groups.The SDF and other opposition party leaders has become so increasingly unpopular because of their failure to give proper checks and balances to the Biya's regime's manoeuvres,fraud and deceit.They have much more work to do since the political pendulum is swinging towards them for any major changes to take place in Cameroon. Those who pinned their hopes to a 'No' to constitutional amendments are just throwing water on a ducks back since Biya's machinery has been put in place brazing for the masacre.Security might be endangered but it doesn't sound to the CPDM and its die-hard supporters who remain spell-bound to support him till death. This far,there is a full scope of a dangerous threat from these band-wagon of selfish individuals who are covertly working to destroy any form of opposition to this goal.Tension is mounting on Biya as critics and inner voices forsee a prevailing blood shed,as there is insecurity,uncertainty and dislocations looming the political climate in Cameroon. Fritzane Kiki S.K
Mr Bouba Bello go tell your fellow co-opposition party leaders like Daisala,Kodock,Gasagay etc that,when poor policy produces bad results it's often painfully easy to recognise inadequate leadership.You people have betrayed and ripped your people from their dreams,underminding their confidence by going into a ficticious alliance with the ruling party.Sellout politicians like you have only aided the ruling party to hijack the electoral system with their fraudulent and deceitful majority.We know as ministers you people always go behind closed doors and have secret sessions with the president.Little doubt you have hand in the constitutional amemdments plans. Incidentally Cameroonians already know who you people are;suicidal leaders,those pick-pocketed administrators of the Bi Mvondo's clique disguised as opposition leaders.You have added pepper to the already deplorable and corrupt government.A government riddled with misconcepetions and recently reports says 400 Billion frs of fraud has been uncovered.Nothing good comes from this government.Please Bouba et al do what is right for the public and the benefit of the country.We need developmental changes for fundamental problems both in the opposition parties and the ruling government but not a constitutional change;article 6.2 in particular. Fritzane Kiki S.Korea
There is little doubt that the Biya's governance is reminiscent of the worst dictatorship as of present which has severely damaged the reputation of Cameroon at home and abroad.Mr Aladji if you think 20 plus years was not enough for that change to be done and fulfill the promises for the country and constitution they swore to uphold,then it is ridiculous. Cameroon is united in ambivalence a democracy that is not rooted in the rule of law.If after all those years in power the system is not working then it is better to turn the page to an entirely new direction.We should accept it is unworkable and Camerooians will tell you they are disappointed with the handsome charmer at Etoudi,surrounded by ardent ideological believers.The lack of Freedom,liberty and democratic values primaturely applied by the 'powers that be' has caused the nation much to be appreciated. The opposition still has much to do as far as fulfulling their goals is concern,rather than overstating their strength.We know the road to the Etoudi is not easy so they should redouble their efforts to overcome the CPDM influence,rather than remaining detractors to pressure movements and human right groups who are in the loudest form of condemnation and vehemently oppose any form of constitutional amendments and the stupity virus of the power-mongers of the ruling party members. Fritzane Kiki S.Korea
If the CPDM nincompoops and traitors masquerading as politicans cannot envisage the dark and dangerous path they are pursuing,at the expense of the common citizens, as they continue threatening to amend article 6.2 of the constitution,then it's really betraying since it's against the people's will.The people are sick and tired of thesame presidential politics which has the most dramatic impact to cause a civil strife. Majority says it will be a fragile and delicate compromise if the authoritarian government persists,since their aim is to maintain the Mr dogooder Bi Mvondo in office after 2011.Cameroonians donnot show any more interest in the political issues since the government shows little chances of fundamentally reforming major socio-economic problems and humanitarian calamities facing them;shortages of electricity,water and bad roads continue,the nations education system is devastating,workplace discouraging,the law enforcement is broken. The governemt has to put these priorities as top in the parliament agenda than thinking of amending a constitution only for selfish reasons.Those political leaders should think twice before unwittingly aiding the CPDM government in their sinister aims,which can plunge we the people and country in an escalating jeopardy and bloodshed. Fritzane Kiki S.K
The SCNC government should be pro-active and stop their lofty rhetorics and break this relative silence that characterise the group.The Northern Zonal Chairman's remarks is not backed by substance.His words has no principled opposition or castigation to the periodic unjust arrests,tortures and unlawful detentions of their members. The movement cannot claim to have any 'mission accompli' if they still lag behind with a potentially fatal challenges that lies their way.Hopes are high as most member states of the Unrepresented People Organisation,UNPO are being granted independence.Recently we hear of Burma. Hope the SCNC heirarchy will not be contented with propaganda victories, while the Southern Cameroon peoples and the international community expect much more punching guts from them.They should be ready to pay the political price they have promised the people they represent. Fritzane Kiki S.Korea
Ma Mary, I respect your point on the neglect of stars and legends.When I wake in the morning and see Ndip Akem and Tataw on my holidays in Cameroon, I feel ashamed and disappointed and think most of these players have become preys of la republique's demagogy.You know what they are only invited at the end of year bonanzas at Etoudi to dine and wine with corrupt officials.But if we take into consideration Anglophone players who are professional players in the international scenes,then Southern Cameroons can boast of a national team if time comes. One Cameroon, Just as Red Flag just said the Southern Cameroons have been under such threats and discrimination for too long,with suicidal leaders and seasoned demagogues who decide to cling to power for selfish goals.If Cameroon was ruled by virtue of superior voters strength, then we can have hopes but it is increasingly unlikely that the Southern Cameroons will be free from this bondage of Ewondo-Beti-clique of leaders, who continue to maintain a considerable influence in the poor governance of Cameroon. Many Cameroonians whisper worries of an impending doom of a civil strife,if there is any constitutional amendmends as it is already in the making by the CPDM-controlled regime who have already claimed divine authority over innocenet Cameroonians. They have put them spellbound to answer 'yes' to any decision from above.A vivid illustration of a silent dictatorial regime.Most Cameroonians have suffered the repression through threats,unlawful imprisonment,torture and death.Let's hope for peace in that country.But it needs only sacrifice and no one wants to be the sacrificial lamb. Fritzane Kiki S.Korea
Good narrative there Rexon.This gives us a good historical perscpective that the Anglophones got talents and can still proof their worths.The Francophones should rethink their efforts to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Look at a nonchalent photographer above whose poor English and lack of ethics is exposing and leaking the La Republiques tactics of suppressing English and Anglophones in all walks of life.Southern Cameroons are very silent but the power of English language could not be over-emphasised since the said Camaraman almost lost his dear life in the name of French. This goes to expose Cameroons vulnerability at home and little doubt that the different reporters and mediam outlets, present were disappointed and saw this inhuman and shameful behaviour from a said Francophone Camaraman. We hear recently that the Lions failed in their Ghana expedition because there were no Anglophones in the squad.The paper further states that for all the 4 Nations Cup the Cameroon Lions have won, was with the help of Anglophone players who spiced and added team spirit in the squad.(1974,1988,2000 and 2002). Players like Tataw Stephen,Ndip Akem,Agbor Hans,Ndiefi Pius and a host of other new breds of professional whose talents have been relinguished to the background because of the Francophone-Anglophone divide.Players like Mokake and Robert Mbah Njama have been forgotten and never been called up even for practice session.Ndeifi suffered several discriminatory blows during his era.They used to put him in 3 minutes to the end of the match. History will never repeat itself unless Anglophones and the English Language are being considered in the day-to-day running of that great nation of Cameroon. Fritzane Kiki South Korea
This holocaust of a constitutional amendment is the tactics used by those CPDM political heavyweights for their selfish goals;they engineer Bi Mvondo to take make decisions that go against intitutional structures and bounds.Many opposition parties,human rights groups and pressure movements in Cameroon and in the dispora have expressed their dissenting voices to the implications of this act.The US Ambassador's point is clear; if only majority of the peoples accept any amendment,that will benefit the general populace as a whole not a small bunch of stingy individuals who are just power-mongers. Since the declaration and announcement by Bi Mvondo in an interview Paris of his intenetion of vying for another term,there has been periodic purges from all Cameroonians who needs 'change'.Mrs garvey used the presidential primaries as an important example for the CPDM-backed-politicians to advice Bi Mvondo to step down.Let's hope there can be some high level diplomatic exchanges between some super-power to help solve this stalemate.We even hear the CPDM themselves are in loggerheads in their recent General Assembly meeting. Fritzane Kiki S.Korea
The recent presidential decree passed last year giving much power to the lawyers and magistrates on impeachment and prosecution process,had little or nothing to do with the public 'insecurity officers'.Several cases of human right abuses reportedly caused by these bandits-made-police officers,has gone unaccounted for.The most recent was that of the said bushfaller from Germany killed by a naughty policeman. The police and military men are accorded a startling camaraderie rights by the regime in power in buses,taxis,offices,public services and in matters against civilians.Their salaries are higher than even before.They are intolerant to criticism and are all morally accountable for the high rate corruption going on in that country.Yet we still doubt the regime to be military and/or dictatorial.They are the proteges of the quietly deceitful unenlighten despot at Etoudi. Fritzane Kiki S.K
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The Democratic situation in Cameroon is vanishing in importance reason why Cameroonians will not go into any form of civil war or riot even if the CPDM control government tamper with the constitution for the future presidentials.These CPDM vanguards and secret police have severely damaged the democratisation process in Cameroon through dangerous threats and unlawful arrests just to satisfy their unusual malevolent actor in Etoudi. These tactics only send a strong connotion of fear in the minds of innocent Cameroonians who are left in a delemma.Bi Mvondo in turn remains increasingly unpopular as he tries to change the constitution for another terms of office.Majority of Cameroonians will vote for a change of president in case of any referandum. Fritzane Kiki S.K
Hello Forumnites ill health put me out for sometime now but I am a bit relief and strong enough to give my opinion once more.Have a good day all. Ma Mary and Paa Ngembus, I am impressed of your view points.It is to late to tell the French speakers to go back to school.All the ministers are suffering the pangs of 'no knowledge' of English language.if Biya himself has never 'bothered' to study how can he appoint ministers in terms of bilingualism. Yet he delegates them on a mission which needs English language like 'Bilingualism Day'.This is ridiculous eventhough there are Anglophone teachers and professors who can speak good English to represent these ministers to help them make speeches in English. Fritzane Kiki S.Korea
Hello Forumnites ill health put me out for sometimes now but I am a bit relief and strong enough to give my opinion once more.Have a good day all. Whatever happens the languages will be used in Cameroon.But on a sad note the English is dominant world-wide and it has a far-reaching implications on the French and Francophones as a whole who are studying crazy English just to cope with the pace of time. Fritzane Kiki S.Korea
The post just want to be frank here which is good sometimes in journalistic works,but if they are acting as court judge then that will be wrong as far as the norms of jurisprudence is concern. Fritzane Kiki South Korea
Ma Mary If you keep exchanging words with Newbies of the likes of UnitedStatesofAfrica and ReneDibi then you know where you are heading to.Mr UnitedStatesofAfrica our absence in this forum does not mean we donnot go through your scripts and other news bullutins online.We are present in abstencia my friend just that we are busy with business and other family issues. Fritzane Kiki Yaounde Cameroon
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Pa Ngembus, I guess most of those shouting out their lungs needs to come out with measures to help The Post financially to buy a fast internet line.I am presently typing this from the Capital of Cameroon but the lines here are even worst than in Limbe or other surburbs.Please dont put the blame on The Post ask your CPDM government for not providing a fast network system in Cameroon. Keep up The Post Fritzane Kiki Yaounde Cameroon
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