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I think Anon 20's advice to read work by people in your future grad program is really good advice. Especially if your program involves writing a thesis under the direction of an advisor. You will want to think about whom you want to work with. In my experience, your choice of grad school advisor makes a huge difference to the quality of your grad school experience. I read a book by my future advisor in the summer before I started grad school and it was excellent preparation.
I've marked the books that are going to be difficult for people without a philosophy background with an asterisk. I think it's good to get a grounding in history and in 20th century philosophy. History: Plato, the dialogues in Five Dialogues Plato, Republic Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics Hobbes, Leviathan Descartes, Meditations Kant, Groundwork * Kant Prolegomena * 20th Century Moore, Principia Ethica Wittgenstein, Tractatus * Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations * Quine, From a Logical Point of View Quine, Word and Object Kripke, Naming and Necessity Lewis, On the Plurality of Worlds * Rawls, A Theory of Justice * Nagel, The View from Nowhere Fodor, The Language of Thought
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Apr 23, 2015