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I love that photo of the Eiffel Tower because that's exactly how I remember seeing it for the first time. My friends and I were wandering around while trying to find it, and finally we asked a street vendor if he could direct us. "Eez right there!" he said, pointing just behind us. We turned around and there it was. As trite as it may be, I think that's when I fell in love with Paris.
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Oh, I love that midi skirt! I dream of being tall and thin so I could pull one off. Black and white is such a chic combo. I'm quickly realizing that all my favorite summer staples are one or the other!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2013 on Six Ways to Wear Black & White at Momathon Blog
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What a cute bike! I used to own a little Peugeot but gave it up when I realized that riding in Boston was kind of scary. Now that i'm out here in the country I really should consider trying again. Also, you must have read my mind - I just had a dream about bike riding!
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Yum! So simple and beautiful. Pinning immediately.
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Thanks for the introduction to Wattpad! I've never heard of it before, but it sounds awesome. I'm trying to read more these days, so I'll definitely be checking this out. It seems like a wonderful opportunity for self-published authors.
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Getting the internship may be a small step in the grand scheme, but it's a HUGE accomplishment, not only because he's overcome barriers but because he's in now! If I've learned anything from my friends in DC, it's that getting started, finding someone to give you a chance, is the hardest part. Your brother has done it, and that's worth a million congratulations. So happy for your entire family, Paige! xo
This is beautiful! And even though I've just had breakfast, I'm suddenly hungry again.
Oh, I love traditions that you can look forward to! We have an autumn tradition of visiting Vermont, and I talk about it all year long. These photos are making me yearn for some springtime warmth, though it's not looking hopeful: we're in the middle of yet another snow storm. Enjoy the greenery for me! xo