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for many months she fought him virtually alone. Hey - we Europeans were very much part of it as well :) It was us that CJ accused of being 'fascists'. We were endlessly digging out documentation to prove him wrong, only to be slurred by another piece of mock evidence the day after. GoV has extensive archives of the attack-counterattack that rocked the blogosphere two years ago. It was ugly - as well as utterly useless.
It's worth pointing out that Vlaams Belang is about as close to a libertarian political party as one can get in Europe. This is the diametrically opposite of being fascist. The VB-is-fascist meme is propagated by lefting extremists (like Øivind Strømmen and EXPO), and has no backing in real life. They are in fact very much a Rule-of-Law party. Charles Johnson was extensively proven wrong on all he said. He never responded to an extensive list of suggested corrections, for he had nothing to say when his 'evidence' was proven phoney. I was present at the Brussels conference, and was in the middle of the 'Lizard Wars' as well. The conference was fine, very scholary - and the 'Lizard Wars' a horrendeous waste of time and energy for good people!
Apart from the barbaric nature of the punishment itself, it is also a testament to the absence of Rule of Law. Rules exist, so many and so confusing that almost everyone breaks someone - which in turn means that anyone can be punished at will. Very convenient towards people who may do things that are annoying to the regime or the clergy, yet not technically illegal.
The real way to deal with this is to stop the money-printing. Abolishing the Fed would probably be required to do that. If no more excess money is printed, and we have to go back to the traditional way - that money has to be *earned* - the whole requirement to rein in excessive bank bonuses will fall away naturally. Some things really are simple. But I don't think 0bama's cronies will agree.
And a protest against the European Union, too. Someone in the Netherlands is figuring out that their banning of 'Racism and Xenophobia' is so overly broad that it constitutes an assault on the freedom of opinion and expression. Geert Wilders is the case in point.
It's from the Government - what should we expect? Competence? The Muslim Brotherhood leaders must be grinning all the way to their Friday prayers...
This is a killer piece, going to the heart of a crucial problem: If we're not told the truth honestly, how can we react properly? Thanks, Pamela. Right on target.
Israel Good :) I like seeing Roger Waters of Pink Floyd as well.
Why broaden, when we can narrow our aim: The latest terrorist was a Muslim as well. That should, ehm, focus our scope.
Sound money is a civil liberty. It may be all but forgotten, but is really a defense against tyrannical rulers. If rulers cannot arbitrarily - and deceptively - create new 'money', they cannot grab undeserved and unearned power.
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Liz, I'm editing EuropeNews. You can contact me at
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I have a feeling we are going to see a Republican surge during the mid term elections. Its coming. It is. But I'm afraid it won't fix the problems...
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2010 on Another 85,000 Jobs lost .... at Atlas Shrugs
This is bad, really bad. 'Jobless recovery' has been the consequence of all 'recoveries' (scare quotes much needed) we've experienced for quite a while. What it means in practical terms is: The GDP gets pumped up by artificially low interest rates and other forms of money-printing. This inflationary money goes to finance first, which gets bloated, and to government, which reaps more tax revenue. Proper businesses, the ones that actually produce in order to create value, come in last. They have to earn the money through honest work, which gets harder with the lower interest rates. Further, the value of their consolidation diminishes, leading business to depend on cheap credit for survival. This is a vicious circle, for any attempt to leave it will reveal the 'recovery' to be a mirage, replaced by a severe depression. We're in trouble. Real trouble.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2010 on Another 85,000 Jobs lost .... at Atlas Shrugs
Related, how about asserting Sound money as a civil liberty?
My favorite is the Money Speech by Francisco d'Anconia.
BHO is not a Muslim. He just acts like one.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2010 on Obama's Next Three Years at Atlas Shrugs
It will be 2081 soon enough...
This can only be funded through borrowing (has been tried) or money-printing, which will lead to inflation. Not the silent, drip-drip inflation of the 1970's, something severe. Oh. 'Borrowing' money from the Fed (Open Market Operations) constitutes money-printing. Government spending is just that, spending. Governments don't make money, they spend it. Which is all fine and dandy, as long as free enterprise is able to make enough money to fund the government. A prerequisite for this is savings, of which the US has precariously little. Hold on to your horses...
This will, ultimately, destroy the US economy. The only cure is to abandon the stimulus, abandon the money-printing. I'm starting to think that sound money is a civil liberty unto itself, of no less significance than freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and the right to due process.
Why do any of us need immigrants? Politicians who count on the immigrant vote to stay in power? (Hint: most vote socialist...)
Qaddafi tried to hold off on Euromed. He refused any involvement of Israel. To be expected. He really doesn't like Jews... Also it illustrates very nicely the spearhead role Israel has in defending the West.
Danish 'Intelligence' services tried at least three times to recruit the assailant.
I don't think a videotape will be released (though probably one exists). It would expose details of KW's home and make him even more exposed. Heck. Danish television filmed all over his street, his entrance, his house sign and all. Everyone knows where he lives by now. This kind of thoughtless journalism adds to the security risk.
Pythagoras, I would not overestimate the effects of a new Senate. The problem runs deeper.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2010 on The Jihad Decade Cometh at Atlas Shrugs