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Yes, of course they do! They are in the hamburger selling business. Personally I hate McDonald's - their food is gross. If I'm going to consume my daily caloric intake in one sitting, I'd rather do it at Wendy's or Carl's Jr. I have NEVER taken my kids (5 and 7) there. But for some reason - they are OBSESSED with it. Possibly bc grandma takes them. They can't understand why I wouldn't want it 72 times a week. So, is their marketing pull strong - holy cow, yes! That said - I still don't think there is a marketing campaign in the world that takes away a person's free agency. Until McDonald's starts kidnapping customers, tying them to a chair and feeds them Big Macs intravenously, it's no ones fault than the consumer when the cursed hamburger enters their system.
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Jul 23, 2010