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Terrorism or incitement to terrorism should be a felony crime...punishable by death! Stop mollycoddling creeps!
Another muslims are crap story! If you haven't noticed the stink by now, you never will! They are crap, they were crap, they are going to be crap...but now they have our oil money, so they are better dressed...but the stink still exists.
Muslim parents train their children to be serial killers. Muslim schools teach children to be serial killers. Muslim parents murder their children. Muslim husbands murder their wives. Humankind does not have the prisons and insane asylums to house all these serial killers. Execution will have to be the solution...unfortunate, but there is no alternative. Serial killers do not turn back and become human again.
Looks like not all of those repulsive creeps want to wait for the little girl virgins in heaven...or perhaps they are practicing for the next world.
Moslems should build Mosques with their own money on their own property. They have this strong desire to confiscate everyone else's property, and call it their own. They have always had a reputation for being thieves and assassins (and pedophiles). No surprise on their actions here in the U.S.A. The surprise is that they have succeeded in conning intelligent people. Time to push back!
Let's see now! Mohammed (at age 50) married a 6 year old child. (She never was able to have children...I wonder why?) Osama (as a teen-ager) used to lay on the floor and caress his mother's legs. What's wrong with this picture???
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Dec 24, 2010