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Boston, MA, United States
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I'm in Boston and was very sad to hear of Teddy Kennedy's passing, but my comment actually isn't about that - it's about your syndication feed, which is borked! When I access your RSS or Atom feeds from a feed reader (it's imported to Livejournal under the username katebornstein, and I've tried it in Google Reader), it imports posts from rather than here. I have no idea why, but I never remember to check your blog manually, so I keep missing your posts!
Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Wil.
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My boyfriend's comment: 'He's so behind the times. I IM with my brain.' I wonder how many people will be influenced by the power of suggestion here ...
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This brings back amazing, joyful memories of my life as a Child Trekkie (back when Trekkie was cool BECAUSE WE SAID SO and Trekker was not a word). I was definitely not the only little kid who looked up to and desperately wanted to be Wesley. In retrospect, though ... oh man. Too funny.
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Wil, you are awesome like a hundred billion hot dogs. And if you know what that's a reference to, your awesomeness factor will triple.
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Happy birthday, Nolan! Many happy returns! It's so nice to hear about families who are close enough that their teenage kids genuinely enjoy hanging out with their parents.
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A slightly belated happy birthday to Anne from way out in Boston!
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Tangential but still relevant: Boys Don't Cry does not feature two women making love. If you think that, you kind of missed the point of the film. It featured two female-bodied people, one of whom was male-identified, making love. Referring to a Transgender man as a woman, no matter what his physical state, is disrespectful. Just FYI. (If Kim Peirce referred to him that way, that's all the more disrespectful, because she should know better.) Also, I thought Boys Don't Cry was an R ... are you sure it was NC-17? (It wouldn't remotely surprise me if it were, I just don't remember.)
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I live just outside Boston and had no consciousness of this event until I saw it online. I have never watched [adult swim] nor heard of the show/characters in question, but when I saw a photo of one of the LED 'throwies', as those magnetic things are called, I burst out laughing. Had I seen one in the city, it would not have occurred to me to be afraid of it. I would have thought that it was either advertising or just someone trying to be funny. 21st-century geeky graffiti. The front page of today's Boston Globe (Friday 02 February) shows the two guys giggling at their own arraignment. The rest of the world (yes, world: it made the BBC, if not other international news sources) is wondering why Boston panics so easily, but I don't know anyone who didn't find the whole freak-out to be hilariously stupid. Although I have heard that people over 40ish tended to be the ones freaking out (no one I know over 40ish was remotely scared though). Seems to me that the panic issues are on the part of the assorted law enforcement establishments and the media, and perhaps a handful of actual civilians.
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Another vote for Ubuntu! I converted in the days of Hoary Hedgehog (version 4.05), somewhere between April and October of 2005, and am completely in love with it even three version-upgrades later! You don't have to qualify as a computer enthusiast to install Ubuntu. It's dead easy. Just be aware that part of installing a new OS, unless you're very much a computer enthusiast, means that your hard drive will be cleared of all data, so back up all your documents/pictures/music/etc.! Check and/or look on for Ubuntu books - there are a few good ones out now. And no, I'm not paid to say any of this. :P Just like to gush.
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