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Did Dr. Konde just insult Cameroonians as being illiterate and uneducated?
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You state: "I strongly believe the SCNC-SCAPO complaint would have had a better outcome if it was argued on the grounds of cultural differentiation, like Tibet, Taiwan and Hongkong, are doing against the Chinese". Response: If by cultural differentiation you are referring to the remnants of British culture such as the Common Law, or the Anglo-saxon method of doing things, then fine. This is being accomplished. It is because of the arguments made concerning our history with the British culture that the African Commission of Human Rights declared that we are a "people" and so have rights to fight for our self-determination. See ACHPR Decision. However, if by cultural differentiation you mean culture like our African culture, that will not help the cause in any way. Because as noted, we have similar tribes in Southern Cameroons as in French Cameroon.
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