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Was there any polling on reasons to stay IN the EU? Know thine enemy so to speak? Just watched the interview linked below and the argument for staying in the EU was that we need to trade. If this is important to people then a campaign to get out of the EU and into EFTA (or similar) would need to highlight that leaving the EU doesn't mean being unable to trade. Also worth pointing out that the 40% trade figure is of external trade only, and 90% of UK trade is internal making the figure 4% of total trade.
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My understanding (second hand though) is that: The route to Leith basically went to the government offices there. The contractors waited until they had ripped up Princes Street before disputing the contract, effectively blackmailing the council.
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"The arguments for and against leaving the EU are finely balanced" No there are not. Leaving the EU (and joining EFTA) makes far more sense than staying on the sinking ship. Just the benefit of getting out of the ECHR and it's Criminal Rights Act would be a big improvement. Then there's being able to control our own borders... "I voted for this government because I wanted to reform healthcare, education and welfare" How much reform gets blocked due to the EU? The British government can't reform welfare when the ECHR says removing any benefits is a breach of that person's rights. The EU is getting it's tentacles into more and more areas of life, and the national government seems to have no say over it. "voters would be likely to punish the Conservatives" Ha! They'll punish the Lib Dems far more. Plus given EU sentiment in this country, how many people would would for a truly Eurosceptic Conservative Party, as against Dave's phony brand of Euroscepticism. "disentangling from the EU would be a hideous set of complex negotiations across pretty much the entire range of government functions." So we shouldn't do it because it might be... difficult? "So, if you want the government to do what it was elected to do" Yes I do want that. I want a government which governs this country, not one which just rubber-stamps EU diktats. I read this article hoping to find a reasoned argument for staying in the EU. This is just a propaganda piece.
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Apr 12, 2011
"as we well know from the authoritarian measures of the Blair government, abuse of a Parliamentary majority by the Executive can be almost unstoppable" It can be stopped by voting out the government. No such action is available to place a check on the ECHR's authoritarian measures.
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Mar 14, 2011