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A core problem is the premise that LIBRARY BOOK=KINDLE BOOK. There's a lot you would need to advance to establish that the two can be treated as equivalents. Until then the logic in your argument remains weak. As far as I can see the argument should be based on USAGE. How much do people use libraries? Is there wide usage or is it just a teeny-tiny minority of the population? In short: What's Kindle got to do with it?
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2011 on Libraries vs Kindles at Stumbling and Mumbling
The BELIEF in bosses (Myth of Leadership) is a critical variable. But business bosses are too often (unconsciously) conceived as people leading a war, holding the fort, making market skirmish, brandishing the brand flag etc. I don't see any easy way to subtract the belief from the reality because of the obfuscation that the myth itself breeds. In one case you may succeed but later cases will adjust to your prior success. Its an ART of obfuscation--a game of dodgems.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2011 on Valuing bosses at Stumbling and Mumbling
IMHO, any comment on such a marginal change could not be other than stochastic.
Food: more digging of ground locally limits need of gov. to even think on it. In Italy, where I now live, most produce, espec. fresh is Italian. Food price hikes have been limited. Fuel. Much bigger issue. 'Cause supply of oil is not much under control, ultimately, of UK gov. Price hikes: sign of the times. Key q. whether devolve to UK control to massage it straight or indirect marker of bigger problems coming.
The one thing you don't touch on is the centrality of developing & refining concepts in applied social science. "Pakistani" in social science *data* is an abstraction that could mean dozens of different things. Its v. important to be reflexive about this. Good social science moves backwards & forwards between concepts and data. I don't see much scope in your scheme for this, yet its seems to me that the refining of analytic terms is the other side of the coin to data.
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Jan 15, 2011