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"Conscious control" and "choice" is turning out to be mainly an illusion and cultural artifact. Although a darn good one, don't you think? For example, all other animals seem to get along very well, thank you, without "consciousness." Likely "consciousness is mainly a social verbal exchange and self-talk, post hoc. Economics is in a very tough position, independent of getting it dead wrong with the meltdown, etc. It really has no way to efficaciously integrate the new knowledge from neuroscience. That is the domain of the social sciences - sorry Nobel committee. The inability to do any experimentation, prediction and testing is proving a fatal flaw. In truth, it is largely a humanistic area of study. Even physics, yes the king of empiricism, is starting to understand that the way our minds, and other mammals, process the world is far more determinate than our models. Of course, the world and empirical reality exists independently of our perception, just likely not the way we perceive and express it. Especially with math.
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Apr 25, 2010