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You are making me homesick. Glad you had a good visit. Just a small point of clarification, Alameda was home to a naval base. While the distillery is indeed housed a hangar, it was part of the naval air station. They do absolutely stunning work there.
Aieeeee. I'm sure you had a good reason to take the skin off that chicken, besides showing us the beautiful flesh underneath. But a crispy skinned roast chicken is one of my favorite dishes on Earth, and to see this gorgeous fresh skin tossed asunder is very upsetting. If you say "gribenes" all will be forgiven.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2010 on Fresh Chicken at Docsconz- The Blog
Sorry to have missed you at the Media 2010 conference and at your dinner with Steve. The dish sounds like a lot of fun. My dinner at Wolff's was not as good, even though I ordered the one dish that Ruth Fantasia found to be the best on the menu. Next time I'll stick to the weisswurst.
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Mar 8, 2010