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In my limited experience of the event (I've only been once about 4-5 years ago), I found it mainly to be a showcase of products from soft furnishings to chairs. It was certainly not a reflection of design as I'd understand it. Such a shame as London is a brilliant city with a great design industry. If I had to sum up my experience it would be that LDF was a wasted opportunity and a bit irrelevant to a great many people who work in design. It'd be great to see the event diversify and encompass design in a broader context, with more substance. Hope you have some ability to influence this!
Rapha's is way nicer I think and definitely looks to be completely handdrawn/bespoke. The Mellow one looks like it's been typed using an existing script font. If it is, I wonder what face it is?
Some interesting stuff here. Hope you don't mind me wading in? I think Path scratches an itch that most people just don't have and that's the issue. It looks great, but it's not really doing anything wildly different to pre existing social networks which I think makes people reluctant to invest their time using it. Much the same problem as Google+ has encountered. Though to be honest as with any social networks, I guess it comes down to the people your connected to. Good connections = good content = a good experience. I can see that a group of likeminded folk in a similar situation ie. dads with kids could have fun sharing things that are common to their situation. but that said, I'm a father of two and have given it a whirl and I just don't get its value!
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Jan 5, 2012