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Hey Paul: Great post that calls out lots of important trends in the market. One area that I would expand on is Knowledge Management. Beyond more freely pulling in disparate content into KBs for seeding new content, I see more focus on keeping existing KB content fresh, insightful and useful by infusing gamification techniques directly into knowledge bases to measure and motivate participation. KB content that is editorially controlled and that the brand will stand behind still supports an important need, but the value can only be sustainable when the KB content continues to evolve with relevant stakeholder insights. We consider gamification to be an important delivery component in our reputation engine used to measure and motivate, but beyond just rewarding participation (where everybody earns a trophy), we believe the focus needs to be on identifying and rewarding specific demonstrated expertise at a granular level. The other thing I would expand on in Knowledge Management is the continued convergence of knowledge sharing across an organization's entire ecosystem, rather than being segmented for internal and external consumption. Organizations are starting to realize that they are often best served by tapping into the individual and collective knowledge of all their stakeholders, but they want to do so by selectively bringing together the people with the right context, knowledge and experience to add value towards positive and sustainable outcomes, depending on the subject matter. Best, Chuck Van Court
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Dec 27, 2011