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I live a block from this Safeway and suffered through the construction for the past year. Now that the Safeway Lifestyle remodel is completed I made a genuine effort to like them but it just isn't meant to be. Only open a little over a week and already it is understaffed, out of advertised sale items and one of the cashiers made a racist comment about the Sushi guys who "don't speak no English." (yes I called and reported her.) I asked the produce manager about the towers on either side of the Safeway castle and he said that there's nothing in them, they are just for show. Whoever designed this store should be embarrassed. If you look really close it is shoddily completed--corners not square, railings not completely painted, the lipstick on a pig reference hit it on the head. The landscaping is atrocious and even calling it landscaping is an overstatement, it's just a bunch of poorly placed abused ground cover over-sprayed with stinky bark mulch. Anyway, yes Brian, excellent article! I enjoyed reading it. I also liked your insight and observations on the Hawthorne grocery scene.
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Mar 30, 2012