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A 400hp v6 that gets 45mpg? Eat my dust, 'Smart' car driver!
Scratch the 'Pawn off failing 'green' car companies that are loaded with US taxpayer support to the Chinese' strategy though since the Chinese apparently are smarter that we are.
"Make this a Leaf or Prius back axle and upset some oil heads." LOL - ignorant much?
Yeah, the experts here who can engage in actual fact-based discussion are the only ones I bother reading. The fluffy, throwaway comments I just skip over.
I, for one, am looking forward to a more fuel-efficient Sudan.
Surprised that nobody did the ratios: .013% per dollar for SI .006% per dollar for Diesel .007% per dollar for Hybrid SI wins in a landslide, in that it's twice as cost-effective to improve current, cheaper engines than to have a wholesale switchover to other engines/technologies. Obviously, one can argue the inputs but this is worth looking at.
The San Joaquin and the Sacramento will be flooding this year from extreme precipitation and a huge snowpack, not decreasing precipitation. Almost all CA reservoirs have been releasing waters in anticipation of a big melt. The precipitation has been very above average for several years now. So much for GW-induced drought. Better luck next time.
EJJacka$$ - you have no credibility. Try learning something about consumer needs. Ignorant armchair opinions are just that.
"I don't like the idea of sliding rear doors on small cars like this." Try having kids and then get back to us...and save your opinions for something you know about.
The new Sonata 2.0 turbo has 274 hp but still gets 33mpg with an automatic (luckily, it's a dual clutch setup!). Awesome.
"thrusting heavily onto the hot..." whoa there, buddy!
"the supercharger is NOT required for most things" - Really? I think you have this confused with a turbocharger. The supercharger is belt driven all the time, whereas the turbo only spools up when called upon. More efficient and only driven by the exhaust gas energy, not the engine torque.
My new 274 hp Sonata 2.0 turbo is fabulous, with a specific output of 137hp/liter.
If the economics of collection, transport, etc. (use this as a stand-in for the energy balance) are such that it's cheaper to generate electricity rather than generating motive power after refining, then that's the reason.
It's weird how certain people think so consistently alike..."people are stupid and easily led", "freedom is an impediment to the agenda", "the free market doesn't work (LOL)", "government is the only solution", and my favorite: "people should be 're-educated'" in that maoist, khmer rouge vein.
If you really want a great engine look at the Hyundai Sonata Turbo 4-cyl, it produces more power than a lot of V-6's (274) and has world class efficiency. Why buy a V-8 gas hog?
"If the oil runs out, the electricity may not be long in following it." This is a statement of supreme ignorance. Oil won't run out, isn't controlled exclusively by any single party, and reserves and production are increasing. FACT. Electrical generation largely does not rely on oil. If you don't know any facts, try to learn some before posting. Better yet, go to one of those political sites where facts aren't valued.
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Jan 23, 2011
Too bad they are not only required to 'share' their technology wiht their counterparts, but to train them as well. It's ok, be content with 3% of the market as your former partner 'comes up' with a similar technology to yours.
It's amazing how little time it takes for scientists to catch on to the funding for alarmism relationship. As has been demonstrated very clearly with climate science and alarmism, practitioners race to outdo each on the biggest, most disastrous scenarios imaginable. They know very well there is plenty of grant money, attention, book deals etc for the loudest voice of doom. Tell me, when is the 18 foot rise in the sea level going to start? Should we have been up a few inches by now?
I'll be honest, this one was a little over my head, although I tend to enjoy the science in these articles.
I'm with you, a total non-starter of an idea. We have 300 yrs. worth of coal, and 100 yrs. worth of NG. I think within that space of time we might just come up with something to replace fossil fuels. As opposed to digging up half the earth and destroying many species in the process.
"engine responds spontaneously at low engine speeds" Not that again, first it was a bug, now it's a feature.
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Jun 25, 2010