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Grassley is likely safe for re-election, but it would still be good to see him matched against some opponents. -Tom Vilsack: He is almost certainly not running, but should be the most popular/well-known Democrat and would represent a best-case scenario. -Rob Hogg: most prominent D currently considering a run -any other prominent Democrats: none of these are likely to run, but should have at least some name ID. Dave Loebsack (as only Congressman), Tom Miller and/or Mike Fitzgerald (as only statewide electeds), Chet Culver, Christie Vilsack, Mike Gronstal. -Bob Krause/Tom Fiegen: only 2 declared candidates, but likely to have minimal name ID. Could be able to show effectively Grassley vs. Generic D.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2015 on Iowa Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
Poll Ayotte in a head-to-head primary challenge, using any of the following: Andrew Hemingway, Jim Rubens, Bill O'Brien, Karen Testerman, Bob Smith, Ovide Lamontagne, someone more conservative. Poll Ayotte in general election matchups against Maggie Hassan, Ann Kuster, Chris Pappas, Carol Shea-Porter, John Lynch. For Governor, poll Maggie Hassan/Chris Pappas/Ann Kuster vs. Chris Sununu/Donnalee Lozeau/Andrew Hemingway If you do House polls, poll for the 1st district Frank Guinta against Chris Pappas/Carol Shea-Porter/Shawn O'Connor Ask about Scott Brown, Indiana/RFRA, Iran talks, the GOP Iran letter
Test the following Democratic candidates against Richard Burr: -Kay Hagan -Janet Cowell -Dan Blue -Cal Cunningham -Heath Shuler In a Roll Call story a couple weeks ago they confirmed that the DSCC has contacted Cowell. There have been no public comments reported anywhere to suggest whether she is interested, but clearly the party is looking at her as one of the top options. Dan Blue, Cal Cunningham, and Heath Shuler are all names that have been mentioned frequently in the articles as being allegedly names under consideration by the party. None of the 3 have been included in any polls yet, so this would probably be a good time to look at any or all of them. As Noveed said, Anthony Foxx has stated he is not running, and there has been little talk about him, so unless you are including a larger group of candidates it would be best to just replace him with a different name.
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Apr 1, 2015