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Jeff Rice, Decor Designs, Inc.
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All I have to say is... unbelieveable! The Board of Directors and the Development Committee have outdone themselves. From the location to the food to the speakers, most everything exceeded my expectations. If you missed this year's conference, you missed a lot! Thank you ladies for a great conference!
JoAnne and others.. That is so true!!! We really are blessed to be able to touch people in such a personal and inspirational way. I recently completed a project for a client (and friend) that has been "collecting treasures" for over 15 years. She has tons of great "stuff" to work with but unfortuanately she always added without ever editing out. It was to the point where you couldn't appreciate anything because there was no cohesiveness or thought behind the decorating. After we removed everything, repainted a nice neutral palette and redesigned the space, she and her husband both were in awe. She said, "We never knew our "stuff" could look this good!" Haven't we all heard that before? But it's nice hearing it each and every time! Now, they are so much more protective of their new "look" and love showing it off. They recently had a party for almost 75 people which I attended. It was so awesome seeing the pride in their faces as people fawned all over them about the redesign. Thank you for reminding us that it's really about more than just decorating. Jeff Rice
Ha Ha... Thank you Erica for including "men" in your post. Obviously, we're in the minority in this biz. But, aren't we lucky to work with such a talented group of women? Beautiful spaces really are gender-less and I'm looking forward to learning all I can at Conference to keep creating them! Thanks again! Jeff Rice
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2008 on Conference Confidental at The Decorating Voice
Thanks for being our eyes and ears JoAnne. It's always great to have new sources for those of us that really aren't too versed in window fashions but have clients that want more. Great ideas!
Ladies, Have we forgotten that we have men in SDP? Will be nice to see everyone again at Conference. Looking forward to meeting even more SDP members.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2008 on Conference Confidental at The Decorating Voice