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This Dr. Omollo character must be an idiot, tool, or coward; or even worse, all of them. You can't answer forthright and important questions like these about how ridiculous this ELECAM joke is? You add to every Cameroonian's suffering when you use your supposedly all-important podium ("Commonwealth Official") and not call out a fraud for what it is. People like this should not appear anywhere to give an opinion about how the international community feels about what our dictator/lost-his-old-mind/president does. Unless, the Commonwealth is as shameless as people often say they are.
This whole write up is wrong, wrong, wrong. First off, picking a vice is not slated until next month but the campaign for the November pool is already in 'full steam'. Second, Hillary Clinton is in no way a favorite to be on an Obama ticket, at least if you even bothered to keep up with the primaries these past few months. Wache's whole analysis is a common simplistic argument that is making rounds that ignores too many aspects of the election in the first place. In fact the only truth in it was that Clinton made a reasonably strong case of her candidacy. Besides that, she, with her husband Bill, were outright horrible to Obama and demonstrated that they are not exactly the type that you can turn to your son or daughter, maybe wag your finger, and say ''That is a role model, you should strive to he like him/her'. Bill started by trying to dismiss his victory in South Carolina as inconsequential because apparently every failed black candidacy wins it; then Hillary loudly offers him the VP spot when they still both running and he's winning more states, clearly to undermine him; then Hillary says John McCain, a common adversary to herself and Obama, is better qualified to be make military and security decisions; then when smears go around that Obama is a radical Muslim with hideous plans, Hillary can only say 'as far as I know', he's not (??!!!); then Bill says Obama played the race card on him in South Carolina; then when her campaign was in trouble and losing, Hillary went on an all-out 'kitchen-sink' strategy, throwing everything at Obama to make him look unpatriotic, weak on national security (see 3 AM add), letting surrogates like Geraldine Ferraro go around yapping her mouth about how it's such a marvelous thing to be a black man in historically racist America, without rebuke....... The important thing to note about Obama that made him appealing in the first place was that he promises to do things differently and from a grassroots-like standpoint, and that, he readily delivers. Clinton, meanwhile, represents everything he used to get where he is now. It would be extreme hypocrisy for him to pick her. Obama is extra gracious to her now because he needs to woo her supporters and not because he's necessarily drawn to her. She's not as cordial to him either as Wache insinuates: she even refused to acknowledge his win on the night he won the nomination beating her. She waited four days to concede and 'back' him, but it is nothing more that a well thought out tactic to benefit her future political career. Plus, Clinton's supporters who mainstream media outlets are saying are threatening to defect to McCain are understandably reveling from their loss but they are already showing that they will not really cross party lines because of flaring emotions. Credible polls are proving this: for example, .Moreover, McCain is far from the kind of Republican that can charm even a group of 5 year old kids to let him in on a game of catch: he has no charm, message, or stamina to attract a significant number of Democrats. Just look at how many stupid things he says per day and how hard he's managing to rally people from his own party.
Pleeaaasssseee Abah Abah, tell us all about it! You stole a lot of money, a mighty whole lot of money, and now you're about to pay for it as you deserve. So open up you guts and spill it all out about how much you sent to Etoudi and probably many others. I can picture all those pot-bellied embezzlers piing themselves right now, from the hand-clapping ones in the 'Yes Sir' Parliament to the motion-of-support yapping ones, and the ones inbetween.
About time they tested them! If you did go to medical school, at all, out of Cameroon you must surely be used to taking regular and demanding tests and retraining; in most cases, several times a month. How dare this supposedly 'anonymous' 'medical doctor' and his ilk whine about a very justified verification procedure. And to say it is humiliating to `colleagues coming from abroad' is obviously a suggestion that our system is so inferior, if not worthless, that anything that comes from outside is gold. Ask anyone who has tried leaving Cameroon to practice medicine somewhere else and you'll cringe at how meticulous and dreary the drilling is. You and I know the only humiliation to talk about here is when everyone finds out that, that fancy physician from 'abroad' doesn't know his/her stuff, or even better, (s)he's fake. And maybe you should go back and read your Hippocratic Oath, and then, read it again!
Hmm...when I first saw that The Post is running an article on the US elections I was truly intrigued that we would now be talking about American politics. But what I wonder is if this article is also printed in the versions of The Post that are distributed in Bamenda and Buea for example. Because then it paints Mike Huckabee as the MOST excitable candidate in a presidential race that actually has many of them. Barack Obama is a half-Kenyan, half-American (but he looks like me and you) who has his a quite inspiring story. Hilary Clinton is a woman running for president; she too has her own buzz. And there are more of them. It is not befitting to have a first article on an ongoing occurrence that just tells a juicy part of the middle of the story. To someone who is reading this as the first informative piece on this election--and it will be many people indeed--will see Mike Huckabee as the single renaissance candidate with reminders of American iconic leaders like Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and even Bill Clinton. Simply not the entire story and dangerously, glaringly biased.
Oh this is good! A truly big and progressive step from the sound of it. But then why doesn't the article follow up with what its title suggests it should describe? If the Moderator inaugurates a multi media centre, say more about the centre itself and maybe less about what Mr Baboni, and the principal think. How many computers and video projectors and neo-media equiment did they buy? What magnificence did they make out of CFA20 million? Because PSS has always had a handful of computer since sometime in 2001 and from time to time they charge students good sums for classes that go as far as learning the interface of Microsoft Word. Last year alone, most classes paid about CFA 15,000 each for classes that never occured. Care to ask me how I know all this? Tell us what they have done different this time. At least, when I rush to read the latest edition of The Post, do not repay my spirited anxiety with false touting.
What?!!!!! Biya should never be considered for such a prize, on no grounds and under no circumstances, ever. If the Mo Ibrahim foundatin can skew their definition for a `head of state who has his citizens at heart' to mean what Biya has done to Cameroon, then they should really start reconsidering their objectives and probably rethink other ways of using that kind of money rather than doling it out to the likes of my country's authoritarian.
What?!!!!! Biya should never be considered for such a prize, on no grounds and under no circumstances, ever. If the Mo Ibrahim can skew their definition for a `head of state who has his citizens at heart' to mean what Biya has done to Cameroon, then they should really start reconsidering their objectives and probably rethink other ways of using that kind of money rather than doling it out to the likes of my country's authoritarian.
There's that much golf-playing in Cameroon?!!
Can't really tell Maurice. But the courts seem to be getting more guts.
Fon, Apparently you are an extremely poor reader. And I'll forget you accused me of belonging to a party I know nothing of besides the fact that I'm not yet eligible to vote. I asked that people like you single out the issue brought up by the article, which is people having the option of receiving their salaries in advance. If you don't know, it will help a lot when school starts. I mentioned before and I say it again, that the gov't does horrible things it should be criticized for. Did I say anything to put forward a case for cpdm, or any related entity? I take it your kind never felt very very extreme financial hardship; I confidentially assume you now live somewhere abroad. You probably can't see things from the same point. When you learn how to read, and learn how to think before you write, come forward with something reasonable.
I have been reading these comment sections for quite some time now and I hate the comments I see here sometimes. This is no personal attack on any of the people who commented before me but everything is becoming trite and stupid. If people can get salary advances as an OPTION, then let them choose whether to take it or not. It's not like they're luring five year olds to sign death contracts; these are adult and mature people who know how they manage their money if at all they are sensible enough to have a job. Maybe none of you have ever known how hard it is when you need to go back to school but your father doesn't have enough money, but then two months into the term he has had more than enough. By that time you have failed a number of tests and lagged behind a couple of classes because the principal has been on your tail. Then someone will say it is campaign propaganda. If these were presidential elections, then of course this will be a clear one. But in Cameroon, there is really no real-time relationship between Ministers and MPs or Mayors or Council members. Besides if Abah or Bonde give you your salary in advance, does that mean a cpdm MP or Mayor will come into power and give you extra money or what? I do not, in any way,ask that you downplay the more-than-often justified criticisms you make against the Cameroon gov't, cpdm...; I'd be a gross hypocrite if I implied that. But do not just mix everything into a rumble and make comments that do not credibly connect. My grandmother's [politically incorrect] description of that kind of attitude was fighting like girls: they fight about one issue but in the course of it bring up all unconnected/irrelevant grudges they have ever had.
So Mr. Simon Nkwenti, the reason Cameroonians are shunning the poll stations today is mainly because they don't have high values?!NOOO!! It's because everyone knows right now that the ordinary person's vote does not count for anything. Just like the class prefects you talked about, if students learned that it didn't matter who they voted for, that the teacher had already picked out a winner, they will not like to vote no matter how many hours of sweet discourse you give them on citizenship. My point: it's OK to teach students good values, but that does not mean when they grow up they'll flock to vote for any kind of election. Just like in the classroom, they'll still need the assurance that the teacher will not fix the results.
Sometimes this people in high places do things that are so blatant and stupid. So they really expected to put up a name of a person who did not contest the primaries to run for parliament? Cameroon is very corrupt, no doubt. But this one was really a dip into every Cameroonian's bile. As for Doh (yes I called him Doh), even the CPDM will help themselves by sending him back to prison; he has definitely lost IT in all respects.But one positive thing: no matter how much anyone denies it, at least, the justice system still works.
While I've been up and about the internet, I found a website with a single webpage supposedly belonging to the GCE board ( This site has a single webpage and has been like that for at least a year now. Now I know it is not so hard to reorganise their procedures to have a functional website with information about all their exams and where people can look up their results by signing in with their candidate number, at least. If only they would stop eyeing the hefty sums they reap from publishers every year to make student wait till they pee their pants. Where is the technical part of the changes Mokoko was breathing sweet nothings about?!!
I hate when someone raises my appetite or hopes about something and then makes it so bad to grasp. This article is more than captivating, addressing a most important issue. Is it so hard for it to be well edited before it is posted? EDITOR, can you hear me SHOUTING for some HELP here?
Definitely, this is unfair to a person who clearly led a clean life and I hope for the best for Emmanuel's family. But Kumbaboy, tell me something. What is a `Cameroonian American'? If you live in the USA (which I guess you do), do not mix things up. ``Our veteran''? ``We live in a country of guns''? An `our' veteran in this forum's context can only be Cameroonian; so can an `our' country only mean Cameroon. If it is that you know and/or sympatize with the victim, then just say so.Don't get it twisted KUMBAboy.