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Cranial Sacral helps so much with my Fibromyalgia pain and my migraines. It is able to help me relax and release the tension in my body. Shannon is great at reading my body and knowing exactly what it is that I most need worked on. I always know that I can trust her to be calm and patient and in tune with my needs. She's the best.
I moved here from Utah a little over two years ago and have been searching for a therapist trained in cranial sacral massage therapy. My therapist in Utah was awesome and helped provide me with amazing relief. Since moving here, several of my health problems have manifested more strongly, which has led to several previously unknown diagnoses, one being Fibromyalgia, a second being familial hemiplegic migraine - both issues that I know cranial massage is proven to provide relief for. In my search, I have found several therapists who are experienced, but charge extreme amounts of money for not great services. When I contacted Shannon, I gave her a try after speaking with her knowing that she was headed for classes. Getting to know her has been awesome. She is kind, sensitive, and listens to her clients. She works with me and listens to my thoughts and concerns as well as listens to my body. Before she trained in Cranial, she used Deep Tissue massage on me, which provided relief. Once she began Cranial, the relief has been INCREDIBLE. I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. The relief lasts for several days as my body and muscles continue to release and relax. I am so thankful to Shannon for all of her help and her professionalism. She is amazing. She is an awesome therapist! She loves what she does and she is truly passionate about her work and willing to give her clients exactly what they need and deserve.
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Sep 23, 2012