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I tumbled for skates on Amazon and bid for a spiffy bobblehat on e-Bay before I got to the small print at the end. Bastards.
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Fabulous review, JoAnne. Bernard's being excellent was about the only decent thing I found myself able to extract from this globulous poffle. Kids loved it as much as ever, though, which makes me quite the jaundiced 39 year old joy vacuum.
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Jack's pant-pissing mien would have had Little Nell tittering through her own death throes; he looked like John Noakes inadvertently swallowing a live bee. Plus, what's with the "WE'RE dead" line? Talk about taking the piss.
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Good review. Ach, I'll always watch and love the show, but I'm increasingly envious of my kids at whom it is clearly aimed and who get a very big kick out of it. Seriously, though, the poison must be pretty shit if we're to assume (with concrete certainty, I assume) that it's not going to do much / any damage to an elderly gent locked in and surrounded by it for the duration of a typically overcooked cliffhanger. Finally - I might be wrong, but I always thought that the Glasgow Empire "oh f**k, there's two of them.." tale involved Mike and Bernie Winters rather than the sainted Eric 'n Ern. Jesus, even the tenth Doctor would be scrabbling desperately for a broomhandle mauser if confronted with Bernie's toothsome "eeh-heeehhh!" schtick.....
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