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BCC never had any intentions of setting Lennox free. In just a short time of Lennox being seized, some of the last photos taken of Lennox showed injuries and health problems which he didn't have before. I believe they killed Lennox a long time ago because the council would not allow any visits by anyone, no assessments, I didn't read about any vet checks, they wouldn't allow the owners to visit or even be with him in his supposed to be final hour. They also said they would send SOME of Lennox's ashes in the MAIL. There will be no proof that the ashes are from this poor soul's body. As for all the other dogs in the same fight. NOBODY is forgetting about them. The difference is Lennox plight was able to go world wide which will help the cause of ending BSL. Just like any human suffering with diseases... nobody pays attention until someone " known " has it. Parkinson's wasn't known or cared about until Ali and Fox was inflicted. Just like everything else. So while the world is mourning with the Barnes family over Lennox, his death with be the road to hopefully end BSL. The there is " he wasn't even a pitbull "... that matters because the law makers stress " no dog would be harmed if they are not a pitbull". It also goes to the misidentifying of " breeds / mixes". So it is important. Just because one person THINK'S it's a " pitbull" ( a non-existing breed ) don't make it true and tape measureing does not equate BREED or type of a dog.
Beautiful words for Deb and Rocky... so true. They were very tireless in the fight. Love ya Deb ((( hugs ))) Keep fighting the fight. I am not in Ontario but support you all in this.
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Aug 14, 2011