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I meant to say 'lover or hater of the system' - thanks
Where are u people heading with all these exchange of insults and cyber hatred? If no one knows what is good for our people then staying mute is more honourable than creating enemies on the internet. We have been traded like chattel into an unworkable union headed by successive handpicked leaders by France and all u guys do is to rain insults at each other. Do u even realise u use a common language in insulting each other. Has someone posted a contribution in French? Or do u think francophones do not have their own disagreements? We make ourselves a laughing stock in this in-house enmity and may end up empowering the oppressor with more resources to oppress us. But the bottom line is: nobody is free - in his oppression, Biya does not distinguish the NW from the SW or the integrationist from the separatist. The dreaded lash lands on the tender anatomy of the English speaker - lover of hater of the system. No one is favoured, no one is protected and no one is safe!
king and Malcolm differed on methods to free their people but agreed on their freedom. Through peace or war the crux of the matter is freedom. remember both leaders were consumed by the bullet of hate. You and I are not free from the trigger happy regime in Yde that targets speakers of the queen's language in that country called Cameroon. We may agree or disagree on the tenacity of unity but the lover of unity shares the same fate as its hater as seen in the death of these innocent youths in Kumba who may be the very disciples of a united Cameroon. Stop quarreling among yourselves and face the reality of oppression from the east and the live bullets that it brings. kIng who loved the white man more was killed by the white man and Malcolm who despised them ironically was not a victim of the white man's bullet. Beware lovers of UNITY
Something is wrong somewhere with this interim gov't thing. But if it is the work of La Republique, I am glad they can identify those true representatives of anglophones, not the hand-picked ones serving them in Yde. We have as much true leaders in the 'NW' as in the 'SW'. We have gone through so much oppression to be quarreling over our in-house squabbles. The francophone fanned NW/SW divide can be resolved after chasing the common enemy. India and Pakistan did not quarrel while chasing the British
I hope all the factions in the struggle can come under the umbrella of the new BSCLF. Those who love La Republique so much that our uniqueness must to their judgment constitute an eternal sacrifice on the altar of unity can well move across the banks of the Mungo. 47 yrs of so-called unity has not come up with a Cameroonian tongue. For those who do not know, Prof. Anyangwe was the chair of the 1993 Constitutional Draft Commission set to come up with a Constitution to reflect changed socio-political circumstances. The proposed Federation by the Commission forced the exploitative Biya regime to disregard the proposals and dissolve the Commission. Biya and his brother Owona Joseph came up with their constitution in Jan 1996 which is in use. Prof. Anyangwe is the leading counsel in the case at Banjul, the Gambia against La Republique. For this regime to compel a learned professor of Law and expert on Constitutional Law to go on exile merely b/c he is anglophone can tell u to what extent our best can't fit in a francophone set up. We should organise ourselves for the post Biya era because our destiny lies in our hands. Let our people look up to these elites of theirs. Those who feel they were not consulted can decline this call for responsility. Interim or original constituent authorities are not produced by the ballot box. George Washington's War was self-sacrifice for his country. Everybody canot be involved in this. When the interim organisation is in place and freedom gained, the masses shall exercise pure franchise after so long a time. This means we should wait for orders from our anglophone interim gov't, not francophone exploiters who do not represent us. Lets be united, I beg of you all for this while we chase this enemy-'brother' from the east
Courage to our students who pursue knowledge admist bullets and bullying in Buea. Heark on steadfast and grab this mental gain we so badly need to revive anglophoness in a wicked country struggling to erase us on our inherited land. Even the atheist who believes in no God knows that the good faith of our people in the 60s was not an invitation for bullets on our children from the east. Recorded history will provide the evidence for posterity to judge these francophones who spill your blood before the naked eyes of the world. Muster the strength, study in the very heart and depth of want but dream on for better days to come. There may be times when darkness looms but a ray of light lingers in the horizon. Avoid all confrontation with these men trained to kill our people. Pray even if you do not believe in God or have a weak faith. Freedom has often been accompanied by prayer. May the lives of your fallen mates not be spilt in vain, may their blood be for gain. I LACK WORDS TO UTTER BUT THESE -COURAGE!!!