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Ronald, your views on the future of toys is interesting, yet I ask you a simple question: Will there be a need for the brick and mortar toy store? I believe there will always be a need, children both young and old enjoy the interaction with their toys. As an example, I grew up with GI Joe's, over time the full size GI Joe action figures were eliminated completely, except for the 4" action figures, as a matter of fact, many action figures started to be produced in the 4" size, yet these sizes, although still produced, are not as popular as the 6" to 8" action figures; the reason is simple, whether young or old, it is a lot more fun/enjoyable to hold a 6" - 8" figure that has articulation, accessories, etc. not only easier to handle, but visually attractive. What are your thoughts?
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May 22, 2017