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Angel Galindez
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Jan 23, 2010
Nice post Omar! I had my daughter at 17, I'm 31 now... Anjalise is 12, 13 in a few months. Her mother and I are no longer together either and it was rough raising her at that age. My only saving grace was that I was the one who was more mature and I with help from my aunt and mother, raised her and finally was able to get full custody. I married an amazing woman that loves her like her own and had a very supportive group to help me when times were really rough. I was able to finish high school, go to college, get a degree, and find a career that I really enjoy. All while coming home to change diapers, cook, clean and everything else. I was not headed in that direction as a youth, I was really smart but hot-headed at times and I believe she was sent to save me from myself and she has 100 times over. She made me a better man and even though I've been pushed to my limit I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity to do for my daughter what my father was never there to do for me. I met you on twitter last year, then we hooked up on facebook so I don't know you on a personal level but from what I see you are a very smart and motivated young man. You have a great love for your son and I'm sure he knows it now even though he was been fed lies. I went through some of that myself when my mothers daughter would get visitation. There is nothing more aggravating than that I know... But Alec will believe what he sees more than what he is told. As long as you continue to be a positive influence in his life he will see you as such. I know it must really hurt no being there 24/7 for your seed but you two have a long time ahead of yourselves. Take this time to better yourself so that when you two have the opportunity to spend more time together in the future you can make the most of it. maybe see if you can send him a cell phone and tell him to call you whenever he wants so that carrying that phone around will be like having you in his back pocket at all times. I wish you two the best homie and thanks for sharing.
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Jan 17, 2010