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Jeff Attinella has done a terrific job with the Rowdies but you can go either way with him or Scorpions netminder Daryl Sattler (who led the NASL in GAA).
Pablo Campos is this years Etienne Barbara in terms of dominating the NASL Div 2 League. He lead the league in goals with 20 and has been in MLS with Real Salt Lake. A player I will heavily consider is Rowdies goalkeeper Jeff Attinella. He has the potential to battle a roster spot for any MLS team that needs to fill that void at that position.
Pablo Campos is this years Etienne Barbara in terms of dominating the NASL Div 2 League. He lead the league in goals with 20 and has been in MLS with Real Salt Lake. I will take a look at Rowdies goalkeeper Jeff Attinella a pontential roster spot for any MLS team to that need at that position.
Add Mista, Koke, Nkufo, Boskovic, Jefferson and Geovanni to that list. Pre DP era, the Fire had Pascal Bedrossian (France Div 2).
There were 2 Wednesday's game that were played and the attendance for the FC Edmonton vs Puerto Rico and the Carolina vs Tampa Bay games weren't announced. Puerto Rico Islanders are putting a good product and continues to get fan base and the player from that team I will like to see in a MLS uniform one day is midfielder Johnathan Fana. He very good on free kicks and can create a shot. So far, Fana has 2 goals and 2 assists in the 2012 season and it is getting better.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on NASL Week 3: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
NO to Hamlett. In 2008 and 2009, Hamlett's Fire were the heavy favorites to win the MLS Cup Championship and he failed. He had run-in's with Tomasz Frankowski and Bakary Soumare. He had Rolfe playing the wing and Blanco on top even though Rolfe is goal scorer and Blanco wasn't fast enough to play forward. Hamlett botched up the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals by taking Rolfe and Pappa out along with unsteady lineup in the shootout.
Corben Bone has never had a fair chance to showcase his talent. The jury is still out on Corben and Michael Vidiera is another story. Vidiera is not that good and he was cut by 7 different teams for a reason. Stephens and Zusi has showed that they belong in the league; Zusi is closest to having European type potential. He is one of the most underrated midfielders in the league. Husidic is a proven backup and it is playing Swedish Division 2 and Eric avila is a starter for Toronto FC. The following schools to look for skilled players: Virgina Tech, Maryland, Akron, UCLA, North Carolina, Virginia, Boston College, UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine.
I wonder why the pro scouts never release futher information on players speed on the 40 yard dash, free kick and PK drills, save drills for GK, passing and MPH shot. As for Kelyn Rowe, he reminds me of a Stuart Holden/Brad Davis with his accurate passing.
I am proud of Puerto Rico beating St. Lucia 4-0 with current PR Islander striker Hector "Pito" Ramos scoring 2 goals followed by defender Christian Arrieta and midfielder Andres Cabrero each adding another.
Lord Klinsmann is trying out different players to see who will fit in his system. The players are trying to adapt a new system compared to what Bradley used in the past. It takes time for players to gel together and I have faith in Lord Klinsmann to change the structure of US soccer.
Brian Span listed number 6 on the draft board? Last time I checked, Span's 2011 statistics: 16 games 3 goals 4 assists. IMO, that is not 1st round material.
I thought those teams are part of the Puerto Rico Soccer League. The league was founded in 2008 and the six teams are FC Leones, Huracan, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico United, River Plate Puerto Rico and Sevilla FC Puerto Rico. The relegation is Liga Nacional.
Is this an April Fool's joke?
How about Obi-Wan Park?
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2011 on JELD-WEN Field replaces PGE Park at Soccer By Ives
Don't forget D Krzysztof Krol to that list. Mr Beef said "Nery - he himself said he was past his prime." Nery is only 27 years old and the reason why he was a flop because he was lazy and refused to get into game shape.
MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL all have their own network 24/7, will MLS ever have their own network anytime soon?
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2011 on It's Old School Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
Any 3rd round and supplemental round predictions? Doesn't Vancouver lose that number one pick because of the Jay DeMerit signing and they drop to the 18th pick?
And the Fire have to surrender the 27th pick overall in the 2nd round to Seattle for the Ljungberg deal.
Second City, valid points in terms of players that you mentioned. Johnson looks like the real deal behind the net, Watson-Siriboe looks like a nice fit at the center back position and still is learning, Segares will rebound from his 2010 stint from the Fire, Kinney before he got injured showed a lot of signs that he is a solid defender, Pappa and Nyarko seem like nice combo at outside mid and you are right about Logan Pause. Pause is too slow and small to be a holding midfielder that panics while dribbling the ball and opposing player puts pressure on him. Pause as team MVP was a joke; I prefer Husidic at that spot. I like Ristic's versatility to play any position from defender to midfielder. I like Soares to compete with Corey Gibbs (a player with injury issues). They need strikers and a center midfielder that can create plays; Corben Bone at this point seems like a project due to his raw skills. Castillo needs to get into playing shape because it is either all or nothing for him 2011.
AJ Soares looks like Chicago Fire midfielder Bratislav Ristic. I won't mind seeing him wearing a Chicago Fire uniform to team up with Kwame Watson-Siriboe at the center back position with Kinney and Segares. However, the Fire's top priority is a striker and I want William Bruin with that pick. Here is my depth chart for the Men in Red 1)Bruin 2)Soures 3) Ampitakawong
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2010 on Soares signs with MLS at Soccer By Ives
UPSET: Akron lose to Cleveland St. 2-1
Denis Hamlett didn't win anything in Chicago with the best team in the MLS during his tenure. He had his run in's with players like Frankowski, Blanco and Soumare. He is doesn't communicate with players well and he is not a good coach.
FireFireFire, obviously you are the funny guy on this one. Commenting on me being a family member of DLC is very comical. Let's not forget Hamlett had a run in with Soumare in the locker room and he had Blanco and Rolfe playing on the wrong spots in the lineup. There were 6 new coaches this year in the MLS and one is going to the playoffs (Hans Backe). DLC is getting used to adjusting the league; for the part, it takes time for players to adjust to a system. Even though Frankowski was a flop, he made a great point on Hamlett's style of soccer and he was frank about how Hamlett handled him. Hamlett had problems with Tomasz, Bakay and at times Blanco. That proves you that Hamlett is a pain in the neck to deal with. Not only he wasn't a good coach, he was stubborn with his in game managing.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on Chicago's coaching flop at Soccer By Ives
Kevin, I agree with you 100 percent
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2010 on Chicago's coaching flop at Soccer By Ives
In 2008-2009, Hamlett had guys like Rolfe, Blanco, Soumare with the additions with Frankowski and etc with Busch was the goalkeeper for the Fire. In those two years, the Fire had high expectations to win the MLS championship and it was held back due to failures of Hamlett's coaching style with a loaded team. When De Los Cobos took over all those players like Rolfe, Busch, Blanco and Soumare were no longer on the team and DLC is trying different things with the players he currently has on his roster. If De Los Cobos had the 2009 Chicago Fire roster, maybe we wouldn't have this debate right now. Remember, Sigi Schimd took over in Columbus, it took him more than a year for Columbus to be a competitive team; same goes for Bruce Arena in LA and Hyndman in Dallas. Sure, he gets part of the blame for mixing and matching the lineups but labeling DLC 100 percent of the blame is way over the top.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2010 on Chicago's coaching flop at Soccer By Ives