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Clarification: ?I hope I'm wrong about the prospects of another war. --John Galt
As I read this EO, it appears to be a preparaion for war. I can see no other reason why is EO includes Sec 204 on "Chemical and Biological Warfare" (which by UN treaty the US has committed not to use.) (I hope I'm wrong.) I imagine that a pre-emptive strike against Iran by Israel or the USA will have consequences. And China hacking our military electronics (Satelites, Drones, etc) might have influenced this. --John Galt
There are now so many problems, so many people out of work, so many people affected by Obaman's wars, so many people alienated by Obama that despite the false and misleading information perpetrated by the media, Obama simply won't have the votes to win. Of course the hard core leftists (Alive or not) will still vote for Obama, but he will get less than 35% of the independents and moderate democrats (like former Senator Arlene Specter). This election is more than just about policy. The realization that Obama is an incompetent leader started over a year ago...and the liberal Left know it...which is why they still hope Hillary to run. Whether people like David agree or not doesn't matter. In fact it's better that they continue believing they've the election in the bag. But for those suffering under Obama know that help is on the way. Ignore the propaganda of the left which is intended to demotivate you. Soon Obama will be rejoining his family in Kenya. --John Galt
I see that Steve brought in another Saul Alinsky team member. Welcome Tony Loro. I presume Steve's declaration that he hadn't read the full version of "Rules for Radicals" inspired you to jump in. (Still he's pretty good for having read only the Cliff Notes.) So here's what the Rules for Radicals team would like us to understand: One wrong does make a right (a la Bill Maher) Two wrongs Do NOT make a right (a la Rush Limbaugh)* Three Wrongs make a right again (a lo Tony Loro) * Note, Exception, 2 wrongs do make a right for liberals (a la Ed Shultz) In summary, debate for the radicals is merely a means to occuly the conservatives while they busy themselves writing letters to the editors and collecting petitions. The notion of an exchange of ideas with such radicals is a masquerade. --John Galt
Yes Bonnie, we're re-learning the truth about just how tolerant liberals are. But in addition to debating with our self-described expert on "Women's Rights", Douglas Keachie, and others with his same persuasion--let's be sure to take the time to email and express our support for Rush. Keep it brief, and include the word "Rush" and "Keep" in your subject line. Pass the word. --John Galt.
Russ 07:24am Thanks for that link. It's a helpul collection of examples of the way leftist think... ...Which in summary is The ends justify the means. --John Galt
Flukes supporters and Rush's antagonists are largely diciples of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" As we debate the point here they're calling radio stations and Rush's adverstisers. --John Galt
Paul, In your radio program/interview, did you happen to? Cite your sources regarding your assertion that millions of dollars that come to our local economy from Marijuana sales? Explain why those revenues are not alrady evident in the economy of North San Juan? I have heard that a single plant can generate $35,000, but I don't really know the facts, and am curious. --John Galt
Nice post George, Seems like our Nevada County Board or Realtors would embrace the notion attracting retirees. But I don't see evidence of any coordinated effort on that approach. Paul, would you cite your sources regarding the millions of dollars that come to The County from Marijuana sales? Any thought on why those millions of dollars aren't beeing spent in North San Juan? --John Galt
Steve, Michael, Paul and others appauled by Rush's use of the word "Slut" I don't like the word "slut". I don't use it. And it ticked me off that my grandchildren heard it on the radio (since it was a snow day.) But when Ed Shultz called cancer surviror Laura Ingraham a "right-wint slut" on his radio show in May of last year, there was little outrage. There was no call for a boycott. And when Laura went on "The View" Barbara Walters just laughed it off. I know two wrongs don't make a right, but double standard is apparent. With regard to insurance coverage for contraception. As we're now learning, Fluke is also and advocate of having insurance coverage "gender reassignments" [Sex Changes] as she wrote in the Georgetown Jorunal of the Law in her article titled “Employment Discrimination Against LGBTQ Persons”. Just curious if there is ANY LIMIT to what you all belive should be covered by medical insurance? --John Galt
Good grief Doug: You're seriously asking us to trust you as an expert on this topic based on the number of females in your extended family? --John Galt
I never did think it was such a good idea to give some unknown company, remote access to my computer to backup my data--so thankfully I never did subscribe to Carbonite. Besides, I figure if I just waited long enough, politicians in Washington DC would realize that I'm entitled to have my computer's health insured. I do rely on my computer to conduct medical research, perform financial transactions, and to communication my emoitions. So it should be obvious that I am suffering FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and MEDICALLY because of the lack of computer health coverage. And when I look around my town, I see the faces of the women and men affected by this lack of computer health coverage, and especially in the last week I have heard more and more stories of people who tell me they have also suffered FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and MEDICALLY because of the lack lack of coverage. --John Galt
Michael 7:39am How do you decide when someone is telling the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth? Is it how they look, or how they vote?, or is it that if they speak on something you support, you believe them, if you don't support it, then you don't believe it. It would be nice if everyone spoke the truth in their testimony, but that doesn't happen much in Washington. And for me, Fluke's testimony contains some dubious information....but I guess it all depends on what your definition of "is" is. I personally don't believe insurance should be covering routine needs--for men or for women. And clearly at Georgetown--contraception is a VERY routine need. --John Galt
Paul Emery, thanks for the link to Fluke's testimony: I listed to Fluke's testimony and extracted the following quotes and notes from it: Fluke is a 3rd year law student at [Catholic/Jesuit] Georgetown lawschool. She's also a past president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice. She said that Georgetown students faced "financial, emotional, and medical burdens as a result [of the failure of Georgetown's student medical plan to not provide contraceptive coverage.]" She described contraceptive coverage as necessary to meet the "critical healthcare needs of so many women. " "When I LOOK AROUND my campus, I SEE THE FACES of the women AFFECTED by this LACK of CONTRACEPTIVE COVERAGE and especially in the last week I have heard more and more of their STORIES on a daily basis .....and the tell me they have suffered FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and MEDICALLY because of the lack of [contraceptive] coverage." "Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. " "For a lot of students, who LIKE ME, are on PUBLIC INTEREST SCHOLARSHIPS, that's practically an entire summer's salary." "40% of the female students at GEORGETOWN LAW reported to us that they STRUGLED FINANCIALLY as a RESULT of this policy [of not providing contraceptive insurance coverage.]" "Women's health clinics are not able to meet the CRUSHING DEMAND [by women] for contraception care services." "Women's health takes a back seat to a bureacracy focused on policing her body." "In 65% of the cases at our school [Georgetown] our female students were INTERROGATED by insurance reprentatives and univerity medical staff about why they need prescriptions [for contraception]." Question for Paul Emery, Steve Frish, and Michael Anderson: Do you believe Ms. Sanrad Fluke spoke the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in her testimony? --John Galt
Mike 10:34pm: I'm haven't seen Mr. Haffey's memo. For those of us who don't recceive his memos would you share Mr. Haffey's allegations...and how they relate to the fundamental points of McDaniel's article--which is that: Salaries and benefits have increased 73% over 10 years. 47% of the county budget is for salaries and benefits--and increase from 39% ten years ago. Salaries and benefits increased even while county staff decreased. It would indeed be informative and important to know if the above information is innacurate. The details of Mr. Haffey's analysis would be very welocme. --John Galt
I met Mr. Breitbart at a conference not long ago. What makes his gift to us especially poignant was that he adopted and not aborted. Unlike some people with a lot of passion...he also had a tremendous sense of humor. Because he once was a liberal, he understood their confused thinking. His escape from liberalism reminds me of the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest". He had special powers of observation that allowed him to see through liberal hypocrisy. I suspect he completed 80 years of work in his 43 years of life. And his efforts have had--and will continue to have--immeasurable effect upon our future.
Michael 11:28pm Certain things can be easily projected, others not. For example, I suspect that you would not dispute the projected return date of Haley's comet. It seems to me that projections based on sound mathematical and statistics can be relied upon. The problems related to pensions fall into this category. If this problem doesn't end catastrophically, it will NOT be because the problem is ignored. It will be because the problem was faced and dealt with responsibly...and soon. From my experience as a contractor, I've seen problems ignored by homeowners for years with expensive consequences. So I tend to believe it's best to work on resolving problems early on. --John Galt
While the county's employees have declined in number to 777, we sometimes forget that a retiree with a lot of years working, has a pension equal to 75% to 100% of their annual salary at retirement. That pension continues for life. Which can be a long time if you retire at age 55. I suspect some of the county employees that were recently laid off, have ether claimed early retirement or will soon. Which would explain (in part) why the combined labor and benefits increased even though the number of employees decreased. Very glad that you (and Mike) have continued to address this issue. --John Galt.
I wasn't able to attend, but I heard first-hand reports that Mr. Hutley's presentation was very interesting and engaging. Awesome accomplishment for all involved. I'll definitely be looking forward to watching this on NCTV. --John Galt
Gregory 0942: So true. Hosting speakers like Cisco's VP for Innovation (Mr. Hutley) promises to be the start of many benefits for our County--and its youth. It's a remarkable feat to bring him to this County. I'm sure there's a great story behind it. --Johh Galt.
George 0755: Okay, for now. But I hope this is revisited when the BOS consider increasing the Pelline Enterprise role (and budget) in promoting tourism. JP's disparaging comments for TechForum suggest to me that he is not impartial enough to have a significant role in promoting the County's tourism effort. --John Galt
Mr. Keachie 0517pm -- I believe it has been fully revealed that "Sierra Food Wine and Art magazine" is a collection of advertisements interspersed with still other advertisements disguised as reviews. Somehow it escaped me that you were part of "the enterprise". ...not that it would affect your objectivity in your remarks on these blogs. --John Galt
Just why exactly does the Pelline family have ANY role in promoting tourism in our county? Pelline's petty and infantile diatribe could be ignored, except that the County is considering allotting all the tourism funds to one organization (instead of allocating among the chambers, etc.) The Pelline organization is specifically named as one of the contenders to receive these funds. Pelline's baseless attacks against the SESF and TechForum demonstrate why the Pelline "organization" is unworthy of any role in promoting Nevada County's tourism. Let your Supervisor know. Tourism is an important part of our economy. Only responsible adults should have a role in developing it; by definition, that exclude Jeff Pelline. --John Galt
Gregory, Your are correct. This has nothing to do with CCW laws as Mark Meckler was not carrying a concealed weapon at the time. (And there's no evidence that he every carried a concealed weapon in public while in NY City.) The issue is the over-reaching and unconstitutional NY City law that prohibits possession of any firearm within city limits without a citypermit (one that is difficult to obtain...especially if the applicant is not a resident.) NY City believes there law trumps NY State law, Federal laws (FOPA, etc.), and the US Constitution.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on Mark Meckler’s CCW Arrest at Rebane's Ruminations
My reading of the Calif Dept of Justice CCW application and rules is that an applicantcan be denied if if under indictment for a felony (or certain misdemeanors). In my reading, such a situation does not automatically require the withdrawal of a CCW permit already issued. But perhaps I'm wrong.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on Mark Meckler’s CCW Arrest at Rebane's Ruminations