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Interesting - that would seem to suggest that by-elections are more difficult for parties whose voter base is more mobile - Liberals, possibly Greens? - relative to those whose voter base is more likely to remain in-district. Can any sort of quantification of such bias be extracted, statistically, or are there too few data points / too many variables? COMMENT: Possibly, but I was commenting on levels of turnout, not levels of party vote.
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I am concerned with anything that reduces the need of the networks to commit to coverage of the event. Aside from quick soundbites on the news, Election Night coverage is one of the few intensive appraisals of the political process, particularly relating incoming results to exit polls and thereby to what the electorate really think, and how that in turn shapes the political landscape for the nation. While the tally room may be a dinosaur, reducing the commitment means that it will be easier for the networks to reduce their election coverage. Instead of starting when the polls close, it will start an hour or two later, when most of the results are known to a high level of certainty. They will report the results with little or no analysis. That road leads to a future where the population get all their political information from those soundbites with no in-depth analysis unless people deliberately seek it out, which most won't. Ultimately, this all amounts to a reduction in informed participation and an increase in ideological fixation along party lines - and just look at how well that recipe is "working" in the US at the moment. It may be a sensible step, financially and practically. But I think that it could have a psychological, educational, and political cost that is not being taken into account. COMMENT: I don't agree. It is more expensive to do an election coverage in studio as opposed to in the tally room, so I'm not sure why setting a higher hurdle to be involved makes it more likely a coverage will take place.
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It seems obvious to me that digital marketing can solve the diminishing funnel problem, at least. Develop a board game, develop a digital demo version of the game, distribute the first through an online retailer like Amazon and spread the second as far and wide as possible through every channel you can think of, for free.
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Jun 24, 2011