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Hi Brittney, I was linked to this post through MuniDiaries (which I have to give kudos to for regularly reporting instances of assault on MUNI). Everyone has already expressed the sentiment I wanted to, but I'm still very saddened and enraged about what happened to you. A few years ago I was a victim of sexual battery in SF -- not on MUNI, but still in a very public place with tons of people around on a busy sidewalk in Chinatown. Nobody did anything. After the incident happened the police were called and I was barely able to get the words out of my mouth to describe what had happened (a man masturbated onto the back of my leg). The officers wrote down their report and I was brought to the station to have evidence collected (on my clothes). All the officers had to say was that they were sorry and "next time" I should do something different like yell out if I saw someone exposing themselves. There was, I think, a follow-up call a few weeks afterwards telling me to fill out a form describing the incident in detail and send it back to SFPD. I ended up not doing it because at the time I was overwhelmed with trauma and anxiety, and understandably didn't want to recount or relive the incident ever again. I think that was the only instance the SFPD tried to contact me afterwards. I never got any word on the results of the DNA testing of the evidence (if they even DID the test, which I highly doubt). Reflecting on it retroactively, I feel like there should have been more of an effort to get in contact with me and get the full story after I had calmed down a little, especially because I was a minor when it happened; I wouldn't be surprised if my batterer had a habit of preying on other kids/teens. To the SFPD Chief above this comment: how are cases of sexual assault/battery usually handled; or rather, how are they supposed to be handled? It seems like from Brittney's story and the stories of other commenters, they're not taken very seriously. This is a huge problem, to say the least.
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Sep 13, 2012