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Oh no! I hope it isn't serious. Get well soon! My cats love weaving around between my legs whenever I go up or down the stairs; I had a bit of a tumble once myself.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2012 on Falling Down the Stairs at ihobo
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Although not directly related, this reminds me of a maddening discussion I had a few months ago with an acquaintance. Were were discussing this overjustification effect, except that he was trying to spin things around the other way. He claimed that the highest human value is created within communities, and that thus finding intrinsic motivation in (non-communal) activities was deficient alternative to communal valuation of work, and that the ideal situation would be one where people value external rewards or praise (coming from others, i.e. the "community") for their activities more than the activities themselves. He was basically arguing that overjustification was the baseline proper human attitude towards most activities. I've also encountered quite a few gamers and game developers who, along similar lines but likely for different reasons, rather strongly insist that goals and rewards, rather than free play as you call it, are the soul of games themselves (this position is one you dealt with on your series on play aesthetics, IIRC). They tend to draw a line between Achievements and in-game yet explicit rewards/goals, but I wonder how thick that line is. On a more direct level, I certainly know what you mean from experience; indeed, I remember an amusing situation during the previous Steam Winter Sale during which I sat down and played numerous games merely as a way to earn coal to turn into coupons. Looking back, I can say quite confidently that the coal-collecting metagame didn't make me enjoy the games I was playing, even the ones I had previously enjoyed (such as Orcs Must Die! and Bastion).
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2012 on Does Overjustification Hurt Games? at ihobo
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Jul 4, 2012