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Joe - Appreciate your comments. I use a Garmin Swim, almost always in a 25 yard lap pool. Typically get in 40-45 min moving time in a one hour morning session. I've been working my way through Susanne Atkinson's Fast Forward plan on the TI Academy web site. Let me ask another way. As I lay out a week's worth of training I should identify one, at most two, workouts to do at high intensity (breakthrough). I should expect those to be cycling or running, not swimming. At my age (65) and skill level (amateur) I might do just one a week, so I should alternate bike and run. From there, increase it a little at a time until I find myself too tired to maintain that training intensity. Does that sound reasonable for a late starting age grouper?
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Training Peaks scores (TSS) my time swimming much lower than cycling and running. I am a late starting, beginner TI swimmer focused on form and technique more than power. When planning my weekly schedule should I distribute hard workouts equally between swim, bike, and run, or just bike and run? What would make a swim "hard?" Duration? My recent schedule had me doing a group ride on Tuesday morning that is all about climbing (30 min up, 10 min down, 1,000 ft.) and a group turbo trainer session on Wednesday evening with a variety of efforts. I sometimes felt like these were too close together but I cannot change the time. Lately I replaced the Tuesday climb with a solo pool workout, which I need, but I miss the social aspect of the group ride. So hard to achieve good balance. Love your new book! I'm 65 and just getting started.
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May 12, 2015