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@Felicity wrote "We went there, and despite a day waiting in line, didn't meet any non-church goers, and yet thousands committed their lives to the Lord at those meetings." One thing about the Brownsville/Pensacola revival: it was repentance based--so much so that some members of the team came to a church I once attended and caused a church split. Why? Because all they taught was repentance, repentance, people who were already saved!!!! The saved folk got tired of it and left. This church lost almost 80-90% of its membership. Maybe that is why you saw so many people "committing their lives to the Lord." They were already saved but doing what they were told to do by the leaders of the "revival."
@Felicity wrote: "Any suggestions as to what changes we make to avoid this? Should some of us be reaching out to those who think they are Christians?" Felicity, I am sure your heart is right but I think you are going a little overboard on this point. If the Word of God is planted as a seed, and people believe and act upon that Word, it--and they--will grow. If a person believes the gospel then they are saved. They then have to continue on to know Him--and the Holy Spirit will move them in that direction. I think we are on a slippery slope to start questioning everyone's salvation because they are not doing what we think they should be doing. One becomes a Christian by believing. They become a disciple by choice.
Felicity, This doesn't have to be an either/or question. In fact, you cannot be a "Jesus follower" until after one enters through the door--using the "Romans Road" or some other scriptures. The truth of the matter is that it is not our job to analyze a person's heart nor their commitment; it is our job to present the gospel and let the Holy Spirit do His job. Yes, the scripture states that we are to make disciples--not "converts"--but only the Holy Spirit can do this through us. We do not do it without Him. Yes, He uses us but we need to depend on Him instead of trying to do His job. I made this mistake in my early years and it is not worth the embarrassment. Also, remember: man is a tri-partite being. His spirit is saved immediately but his mind must be renewed and his body brought into subjection as Paul did with his body. Since our spirits are already as saved as they will ever be, "discipleship" or "becoming a 'Jesus follower'" is nothing more or less than renewing the mind and walking after the dictates of our spirit--which is already created in righteousness and true holiness. So, it isn't one or the's both!
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May 5, 2011