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What a shame that Pankhurst believed in the rights of women to take resonsibility for buggering up the place along side men. But did not think rights extended to young men not wishing to die a horrible death trying to stop a German foot, from standing on a bit of muddy Belgium instead of a French one.
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Thatcher gave the country back to its people. Thus prooving what all right wing libertarians take for granted. That it is people, freely interacting, that make a country rich prosperous and keep it free and tolerent. Not governments and least of all socialist goverments of any type or political wing. This alone is more important than all the social reforms made by old Toffs in the Conservative party except Churchill. Who is the father and savior of the modern British nation. This because these other social reforms you state would have happened anyway at a later date. Without the 1975 Thatcher revolution the Conservative party would now only be a footnote in an history book, and written out of all new ones entirely.
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