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Gary Sutton
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The Simpsons are not on Netflix because they just signed a huge deal to be syndicated on FXX.
Some notable upcoming streaming releases (taken from my disc queue): The Legend is Born: Ip Man (10/28), The Great Outdoors (11/1), Skyfall (11/9), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (11/1), The Addams Family Movie (11/1), Dead Man Down (11/6), Olympus Has Fallen (11/2).
Upcoming movie releases: Paranormal Activity 4 (10/11), Fire in the Sky (10/1), Death Wish 2 (10/1), Evil Dead 2 (10/1), Road House (10/1), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (10/27), Congo (10/1), Summer School (10/1)
Interesting titles coming to streaming soon: Paranormal Activity 4 (10/11), Evil Dead 2 (10/1), Road House (10/1), Congo (10/1), Summer School (10/1)
So excited!!!! Arrow will be streaming on 10/9
David....Im hearing Sept. 29th for the S3 of the Walking Dead.
Just read online that Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" will be available for streaming on Netflix on September 29. Two weeks before the start of the new season.
If you have a DVD account you can use your queue to figure out if anything is coming to streaming by running your mouse across the titles and it will let you know. Unfortunately the only movies I checked on my 483 title queue are the following: Donnie Darko is is streaming 8/15, The Core on 9/1, a Haunted House on 8/21, the Final on 9/1. Of course, more stuff will be coming.
Definitely an improvement on the streaming side of things. My wife and I have seperate profiles and our viewing habits are a bit different, so the change will help. However, the big problem that still remains in regards to streaming is the recommendations. Netflix, please stop recommending me things I have already rated or are in my queue.
Only about a million things, but tv shows top my list because its a hassle watching a series disc by disc. How about: -The Simpsons -Smallville -Tour of Duty -MASH -Star Wars: The Clone Wars -The Equalizer -Dukes of Hazzard -CSI (the original) -Night Court -The Pretender -Homicide: Life on the Street
I agree with the previous poster. As soon as Netflix (when, if ever) abandons the DVD through mail service I'll explore other options. Ny queue is always stocked to the 500 limit max and only a handful of those are available to stream.
Along with instant streaming, my wife and I are on a 4 disc plan at the moment. Im not worried about the no mail Saturday thats coming. I figure I'll always have something here.
Jay... if you are referring to the Penguin "Pingu" yes, Netflix does offer 2 discs of Pingu which has multiplr episodes, but also has 2 more that would have to be added to the saved section.
The Netflix site has been slow for me all day and now at 3:30pm CST the site is down again...
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Jul 12, 2011