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Cape Town, South Africa
Gas mileage apps? In the iPhone era it’s simply so much easier to take care of your gas mileage, all you have to do is understand how important cost control is at this point.
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One of the best fuel mileage savings is to keep your car well maintained. Getting your car serviced regularly, which includes oil changes and tune-ups, maximises your fuel economy. Your tires need to be in good condition and the correct spec for your car, wide tires, although cool, increase gas... Continue reading
Information regarding a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is available to consumers in the form of energy rating stickers which have been affixed to new cars for a number of years. These stickers provide information on fuel mileage, estimated annual fuel costs and savings, as well as the vehicle’s environmental impact including... Continue reading
There are a number of ways to cut down on your fuel mileage costs, simply by being proactive and planning your car trips will help enormously. These simple tips will result in immediate gas mileage savings: Check traffic reports; avoid traffic jams, road closures, accidents and road works. Plan your... Continue reading
With the cost of gas being so high attaining the optimum miles per gallon is a priority. There are many ways to improve your fuel mileage consumption, from simple solutions such as not over-revving your car or driving at excessively high speeds, to more extreme measures such as replacing your... Continue reading
There is an ever increasing number of cars on the roads around the world (currently estimated to be over 600 million,) and all require gas fill ups. Most of the drivers of these vehicles are concerned about their gas mileage, and are constantly looking for improvements. fuel mileage savings start... Continue reading
It should be quite painfully obvious that slow acceleration wins the race in this case. It is not only very selfish of you to drive passed the flow of traffic at alarming rates just to get passed a stop sign or a red light but it is also very departmental... Continue reading
fuel mileage can increase almost instantly when you choose to change your air filter. After a while it will get quite dirty and you should either A) clean it out or B) get it changed, B should be the most likely choice in that scenario as starting fresh always makes... Continue reading
If you received an oil change in the winter, the odds are you most likely will not need to change it again until the spring, if you choose not to change it in the spring this could have negative effects on your engine as a whole. Not only will your... Continue reading
Most of the time every three thousand or so miles you should make it a habit to check, and change your oil. Whether you do it all yourself or if you do it professionally, the engine will remain in stable use and conditioning after you make this change and will... Continue reading
Here’s a fact: You only use about fifteen percent of your car’s gas driving on the road. You want to know what happens to that other eighty five percent. It simply evaporates due to the heat and pressures of our natural work, this can happen by it simply sitting there... Continue reading
Making improvements to your fuel mileage does not have to cost you a cent if you do not want it to. During times of economic crisis, you will definitely notice jumps in gas prices all over the country if not the world. It is the price we have to pay... Continue reading
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Apr 17, 2011