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The word ' reading' now takes on a more significant meaning. At one time readers, held up book, scanned visually and processed information to understand the content. This visualization of the printed word constituted 'reading' and traditional publishers milked this concept dry. Now, however, 'reading' constitutes more than one sense and draws, inter-active responses to the word. All the five ( or six/seven?) senses come into force. The printed word becomes interactive. New digital formats can extend to offer these experiences in future books! There again, self-publishers are now better equipped to offer a wider and richer experience. What was once left to the' imagination' to create and construct the printed word into a two- dimensional experience is now multi-dimensional. In other words, the 'imagination' we used from the old printed word has become 'multi-imaginative' in experience value. Learning will take this route. It is imperative to go down this road.
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Dec 1, 2015