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Miami, Florida - The Sunshine State
It is degrading and offensive to truly gay people everywhere to be compared to an aberrosexuals (homosexuals).
Interests: It should be noted that the term "gay" is NOT scientifically descriptive of any type of sexual behavior, conduct or practice. Nor is it descriptive of any medical, sexual or psychological condition. Biologically aberrant, morally deviant sexual conduct, or Aberrosexualism, far from being “gay,” is actually quite sad, depressing and injurious to one’s physical, emotional and mental health. Happiness eludes the aberrosexual because he is at war with his own nature.
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Elect Rep. David Richardson of Miami Beach as House Minority Leader! He will make sure Florida Democratic Party leaders are invited to run around in their panties and undies at the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade! Isn't more gaiety what the party needs to maintain its complete irrelevance in Tallahassee? Has anyone stopped to think of all the great electoral victories the Florida Education Association (FEA) and the Democratic GLBT Caucus have gotten the Florida Democratic Party? Why take the party away from them? Who can argue with their success? Certainly the Republicans are very, very appreciative of everything FEA/GLBT Democrats do to keep Republicans in power in Tallahassee!!! How Gay it is! ... For Republicans that is...
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FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERS ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT. Monica, as long as the Democratic Party continues to pander to aberrosexualist (aka homosexualist) extremists and loonies, it will remain a super-minority in Florida. With a 500,000 edge in registered voters and a victory by President Barack Obama’s well-organized campaign in the state, the Florida Democratic Party had all the makings of a possible political juggernaut at the start of the year. Today, however, it looks like a joke, not a juggernaut. Those who want to rid the party of the, as you call them, "corrupt ideological, atheist, homosexual, hate-filled fringe extremists," have a monumental task ahead. These corrupt extremists have entrenched themselves and prefer to sink the party to the bottom of the sea rather than do the right thing and step aside. Good luck, Rouson!
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Nature does not force a human being to engage in any type of unwanted sexual behavior, i.e., against their will. Sexual conduct is not forced on anyone by Nature. Indeed, biologically aberrant, morally deviant sexual behavior, or aberrosexualism, generally, or homosexualism, specifically, goes contrary to biological intent, purpose, function and design; it is unhygienic and unhealthy. It violates the mission and vision intended by Nature. There is absolutely no such thing as a “gay lifestyle." This propaganda term is misused to give legitimacy to aberrosexual behavior. The correct expression is aberrosexual behavior or practices. If anything, aberrosexual behavior is a deathstyle not a lifestyle! Who would ever say the “adulterer lifestyle" or the “pedophile lifestyle"? No right-thinking, well-educated person would! We all know that adultery, pedophilia, and aberrosexual behavior, for that matter, are NOT lifestyles; they are morally deviant behaviors. But wouldn’t you say that the term "lifestyle” makes this sordid behavior somehow seem wholesome and appealing?
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"SAVE Dade" stands for Sodomize And Victimize Everyone in Dade. Just a few years ago, this absurd proposal would only have been mentioned in an insane asylum. So what are these jokers doing on Miami-Dade Streets?
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Let's all remember: SAVE Dade stands for Sodomize And Victimize Everyone in Dade. Commissioner Audrey Edmonson is being fooled into believing that this ordinance has to do with human rights. It does not. Objectively speaking, a human being’s sex, age, race, and ethnicity, or biological ancestry, among many other personal traits, are not up to them to arbitrarily decide; they are not based on a personal opinion, private belief or subjective perception. Sex is a precisely determinable genetic fact; it is a scientifically demonstrable biological reality. As such, like it or not, sex can never be altered or changed. While an individual's physical appearance can be cosmetically changed or modified, or they can change their personal opinion as to their sex, their DNA, or chromosomes, can never be altered. This discriminatory ordinance is a slap in the face of every Miami-Dade resident. That's why it was withdrawn. That's why it will never be approved! Get over it...
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SAVE Dade stands for Sodomize And Victimize Everyone in Dade. Hurray for Lynda Bell. She amply proves that the best man for the District 8 County Commission seat is a lady! And a grand lady, at that. Lynda: as a District 8 registered voter you will always have my vote and that of my entire 32 member family. Every registered voter in my block is with you! God bless you.
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Aug 15, 2013