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Gayle Albin
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Universal Conscientiously speaking, I found your website and the 365 project by reading "The Human Face of Type" by Edward Mendelson, a blog about Helvetica, moving more into researching people who have created fonts, such as Hermann Zapf and delightfully finding your comment to "The Lost Art of Postcard Writing" blog by Charles Simic. I feel I have gone full circle this afternoon by finding your postcard on FONTS. Can I claim it? Appreciating your work, G [email protected]
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2011 on 3/365 at Adkisson | Blake
I like to think this is the postcard GOD sent me today. Thanks for all your work! I'm inspired..... G
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Aug 15, 2011
I found your pages today, no way I could retrace my steps to get here again, so I will be doing the follow thing so I won't lose you! Some other simple tasks to make me feel idiotic are parallel parking putting a sewing tissue pattern back in its rectangular package, or refolding anything that has been folded, such as a roadmap trying to remember why I left my desk that "my brain just went swiss cheesey" feeling when I am speaking and the next word I was going to say gets lost between thought and tongue. would love to see how you would illustrate each of these.. your artwork teases my brain! Thanks! G
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Aug 15, 2011