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Gayle Samuelson Carpentier
San Francisco - Minneapolis, Oregon and lots of places in-between
Chief Business Development Officer - TechSoup Global, evolving social outcomes, new technologies and honoring the contributions of all of us working together
Interests: Finding ways to build a triple win for organizations, companies and people on the ground, understanding the ways technology impacts our world for good or otherwise, seeking visionaries and leaders who think people are good, worth improving and that making the world work better is a good idea, also top of mind raising teenage boys, bad gardening, baking, and the joy of rescue dogs!
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11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader | LinkedIn I find Dave Kerpen one of the wisest writers about the evolving nature of excellent leadership skills, and the value of being nice and especially grateful If you don't follow him, you should. Continue reading
Wanted to share a truly useful and insightful article from Inc., by way of an excellent writer, Jeff Haden. @jeff_haden 10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day They're small things, but each has the power to dramatically change someone's day. Including yours. Want to make a huge difference in someone's life? Here are things you should say every day to your employees, colleagues, family members, friends, and everyone you care about: "Here's what I'm thinking."... Continue reading
Been a busy and compelling 2012 - in my own world, trying to dedicate myself to making the world a better place closer to home and in my day to day endeavors. Here's something that fits into that goal - 3 New Year’s Resolutions that Will Make You Happier. Continue reading
The dust is settling on the Marissa Mayer story—that's the one about Yahoo’s new 37-year-old chief executive trained in artificial intelligence and brought over from Google—and we thought we’d take a moment to gather ourselves and look ahead for the next class of upstart women innovators worth keeping an eye on in the competitive field of technology. via Always interesting to see how power struggles play out in the tech world - and the... Continue reading
How long does it take to get to a 'win'? Do you ever find yourself measuring your actions, goals and outcomes against a ficticious timeline? It happens to all of us, and if you want to stop and grab some perspective, a dog park is a brilliant stop to make to reset your sense of reality. It's true, I am a dog person, and I suspect like my dog Max, I would often meet people... Continue reading
Ever find yourself scratching your head in a conversation and thinking "What?" It may not be your fault - read on! I Don't Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore - Dan Pallotta - Harvard Business Review. Continue reading
. . . that it was really about something else. I do love being in my 50's, so far it's the best time in my life and it allows me the leisure, and frankly the peace of mind to question things all the time. Areas of life, or common judgements I merely accepted now pop up with "Hey! Is that REALLY true?" all the time. And that brings me to my current 'ah ha!' Professionally... Continue reading
Watch this video - otherwise the following blog won't make a whole lot of sense! If you have trouble with the below link, you can always find it at Watch live streaming video from pdf2011 at Until today, I had never heard the name Jim Gilliam, and as I sit today in a quiet place during a warm San Francisco afternoon, I feel honored to know him better through this recent . .... Continue reading
As TechSoup gets geared up for our first Contributors Summit February 15-17, 2011, it's been interesting to reflect upon my nearly 10 years here. We're preparing to gather some of the thought leaders and innovators across the nonprofit landscape, partners and friends from over 35 countries and taking a fresh and new look at what our collective efforts in and around TechSoup have meant to NPO's / NGO's and what more we can and should... Continue reading
Your own personal 'win'! Survive the most mind-numbing new tech meeting with this handy tool! Enjoy! Continue reading
Q. What are some important leadership lessons for you? via Valuable thinking if you are managing a growing organization - or working within one and trying to make sense of the dynamics. Thanks to Sheila Warren for the link! Continue reading
.When I started blogging, I thought it would be easy to separate the public and professional from the private and intimate. Turned out to be hugely wrong. Over the last week, these two seemly separate world smashed directly into one another when a new friend, valued colleague and all around amazing human being, Mitch Van Wye died of a sudden massive heart attack. I hung up my phone after hearing the news, and a huge... Continue reading
How many times do you look at something, see an obvious and straightforward answer, and realize this very obvious thing is ONLY obvious to you? If that's happened to you - that's talent combined with insight combined with probably some unique experiences that made it possible to make that leap. Yes, bad sentence structure, but all the same, whenever you have that moment, treasure it! It's in those moments that your unique benefit to the... Continue reading
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The CEO puts on a white lab coat and funny glasses, announces "Innovation Week" at your company, then proclaims that "we should all be mad scientists." You sign up for the brainstorm in room B, get a handful of magic markers, a stack of colorful pads, then stare at a white board. via How many of us have done the 'death march' visioning offsite meeting? No matter how many block voting done with postits,... Continue reading
I absolutely agree - in my professional life at TechSoup Global, we strive to keep the interest and desires of our donating companies to be in balance with our own mission and NPO needs. Even though it sounds totally ridiculous, there are times when we say "not working - sorry time for you to leave the program". There can be lots of reasons, but I'd love it if we would be able to admit not every one fits every where. I look forward to hearing what action, if any, is taken against the assaulting passenger.
My husband Jack passed away just before Christmas 2007 - and he had been quite ill for a very long time before the stroke took him away from us. Since then I've winnowed, edited and added pictures to the very large gallery where I frame and position pictures for our family. The one picture I upsized and moved to a central position was the one you'll see here. We did most of our life together out of order - and that's why you'll see the two of us swinging our then 5 year old son between us as we walked down the aisle after finally having a church wedding. Story - oh yes - there's a lot of storytelling about the before and after, and it is indeed the heart of our "that's OUR family". Continue reading
Been mulling over my history while I've been nursemaiding my son through recovery of a gnarly and uncomfortable post-surgical time. Whether family, health or caring - much of my own life has been finding the positive impact of what can easily be spun as a negative story. Getting beyond victim, and moving onto owning the impact is, or it is at least for me, the beginning of a personal triple win. I've often told staff,... Continue reading