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@ lipwak, The proof is in the pudding, isn't it? I have yet in my 19 years on WFMU allowed dead air to creep over the airwaves due to indecision. (Fumbling with CD players is a different story!) Yet the instance has never arisen when i've have nothing to play. There's always something that will work. As for spontaneous vs. organized, what would work best for you wouldn't be best for me, as you say yourself. The very unusual musical brain i seem to possess is where all the organization takes place, not in the physical realm. I wouldn't do it this way if it didn't work, and as i point out, i like the results better than if i pre-plan. @ Laura, It's a big distraction to do a live playlist when i'm in my "radio show trance." Also, the evanescent relationship i have with my show — before, during and after — is another reason i don't normally do playlists. Also, unlike the show-planning DJs who have time to gestate, my spontaneous and intuitive decisions don't lend themselves to rumination on my part afterward: Any given song is here one minute (or two, or five) and gone the next. @ Jonathan M, As you indicate, i've revealed much more than i usually do in just describing my process. Being a paradoxically private person who happily operates in the public sphere, i don't know if i'm that comfortable in talking about my musical history. I do drop a few hints on how my brain works in the preceding replies. You can probably extrapolate from there.
I realized later about my error. Thanks! > > A new comment from "Ronnie Allen" was received on the post "WFMU Gives Its > Airwaves Over to the Girl Group Greats on July 30" of the blog "WFMU's > Beware of the Blog". If you would like to post a reply to this comment you > can do so at the following URL: > > > > > Comment: > -------- > Will the broadcast of the show be archived here? I did subsequently get to > hear portions of it (including the interviews) and really enjoyed it. One > major correction is in order. There was a segment featuring Murray the K > which included his legendary legendary "Submarine Race Watcher's Theme" > from his heyday at 1010-WINS in New York City. The outro by the air > personality said "Wow, Meusurry Talk, and ... the Angels ... that was, > uh, Peggy and Jiggs." That was incorrect. It was NOT the Angels who sang > it (although Peggy [Santiglia] was one of the singers). It was a different > group, namely THE DELICATES, who were Murray the K's original "Dancing > Girls." The Delicates consisted of Peggy along with Arleen Lanzotti and > Denise Ferri. It was the Delicates who not only sang the "Submarine Race > Watcher's Theme" and the famous "Meusurry" song but who also wrote them. > > Commenter name: Ronnie Allen > Commenter email: [email protected] > Commenter URL: > IP address: > Authentication: None > > > Comment Actions: > ---------------- > > Unpublish this comment: > > > Delete this comment: > > > Mark this comment as spam: > > > Edit this comment: > > > > Enjoy!
@ Tim: During the interview, Josh Gosfield reveals that he did indeed shoot the "Godard" short on film. Perhaps because you viewed it via YouTube on a computer screen (coupled with the fact that i had informed you it was fake) threw off your usually keen eye.