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Jul 10, 2011
Good keep games wack ass off detox. That way it's one less song I will skip over.
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As long as they don't put Game in the group it's all good. Keep it as a duo. I will never buy anything that has Game on it. He's just a studio gangster who only knows how to talk trash on wax.
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Hate's cuz ny is sucking ny artists off & eating southern yeast infect pussy like lil gane & all the rest of those fags I wish they would die, bullshit garbage rap. If your gonna play southern shit play getto boys or scarface. Something good!! I stopped listening to the radio just cuz of the crap they play. I am from the Bay Area I don't want to hear nelly, I want to hear e-40 san quinn, andre nickatina & so on. Get off that b.s you dumbass radio jockeys!! Your enabling the crap rap so it becomes popular.
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Apr 16, 2011