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BTW....We are fighting the mandatory vaccine laws on the wrong front as well. Arguing for personal choice and infringement of Constitutional rights won't work anymore, we don't have a solid Constitution since Obama took office. We need to hit them with common sense arguments. Number one, they will never make vaccinations 100% mandatory without a "home schooling" exemption, as that would be undoubtedly communist. They are only using the home schooling exemption because they know nearly all parents will just decide to vaccinate out of "lack of options". This is the weakness in their plan and in the law effective can a mandatory vaccination policy be, with an exemption? These kids may go to an environment where kids are 100% vaccinated at school, but what happens when they leave and go to the mall, or Chuck E Cheeses or ......? Makes no sense. We need to pushback where we know they can't go and beat them at their own game. The only answer would be to make the non-vaccinated home schooled kids be quarantined to their homes, for life. No law maker will ever get that to fly. Without this, their policy is completely ineffective and will have to be overturned.
Gotta love freedom! What's next, the government saying they have studies that prove guns kill people, so we all have to turn in our guns? Or your child develops cancer, and the treatment is not your choice, but mandated by the government? If you don't do chemo or XYZ, you go to jail? We are losing freedoms a little at a time, all in the name of big government thinking they can run our lives better than we can. What happened to the America I grew up in? It's dead. (And the mandatory vaccine thing is as bad as it can get, since it's injected into your system and 100% irreversible)
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Jul 9, 2015