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There are many ways to evaluate a good business plan. You should take a look at the character of the leaders that are involved. You should also sample and study the product. Finally, a good business plan can be identified... Continue reading
It is amazing how a simple article and a short video can eliminate so many questions and objections. Check out this recent article from Orrin Woodward that should help remove any doubt that the Life Leadership business is the best... Continue reading
I love the writing style of bestselling author Chris Brady. He has a fun way of sharing very important topics like the one he links to about Orrin Woodward's latest research. Check out this post: 1. Debt is Stupid 2.... Continue reading
I recently read a fantastic article by Life founder and bestselling author, Tim Marks. He does a great job referencing the book titled Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Then he takes the reader through the latest Entrepreneur magazine article by Meiko... Continue reading
I am excited to announce that there is a new blog that you will want to visit on a regular basis: The reason this is such a big deal is because the purpose of this blog is to get... Continue reading
Here is a snippet from another great Life Leadership founder, George Guzzardo: CAN YOU IMAGINE? Best selling author and leadership expert Orrin Woodwardsaid recently, “Great entrepreneurs create the future. They do so by sorting through the noise to see where... Continue reading
Here is a snippet from another great article from Chris Brady: In a recent article in Fortune Magazine (January 22, 2015 by Geoff Colvin), Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld presented a very simple model for what they as a company look... Continue reading
I ran across this post by Dan Hawkins, one of the founders of the Life Leadership business. He re-posts Orrin Woodward's simple explanation of the focused direction that the organization is heading. This is very impressive and easy to understand.... Continue reading
There is a problem, Neo... You have sensed it your entire life. Do you know what I'm talking about? Yes, its the Financial Matrix. It's not your fault. We have a solution! Man, the truth is sweet to the ear... Continue reading
Orrin Woodward and the Life Leadership business have clearly defined their main purpose. The Financial Matrix looks to exploit the masses worldwide. Life Leadership looks to help people define what the Financial Matrix is, the truth about how it works,... Continue reading
Here is yet another great article that validates Orrin Woodward and the world-class training and materials available at Making the list of Inc. magazine's top 100 Great Leadership speakers is just one of many achievements for Orrin and the... Continue reading
Last weekend, Life Leadership hosted another impactful conference. Filled with details of Orrin Woodward's explanation of the Financial Matrix and what WQAD8 Quad Cities news anchor, John David, called good 'messages filled with values and principles', it was another life... Continue reading
Warning: there is more truth in this article regarding fractional reserve banking, slavery, debt and the financial matrix than most people can handle! Orrin Woodward has published another fantastic article on the Financial Matrix; summarizing its roots and explaining why... Continue reading
When it comes to understanding finances, Warren Buffett has been showcased as one of the best sources of knowledge in the world today. It is easy to see why Tim Marks and the rest of the leaders at have... Continue reading
The most recent article from Orrin Woodward about the Financial Matrix is the best yet! It is very clear that the Matrix has been used as a controlling force for centuries. The good news is that you have the power... Continue reading
The following excerpt is from a follow up article on the Financial Matrix by Orrin Woodward. The debt statistics are staggering, but I am encouraged that more people are waking up from their apathetic slumber. It is time to free... Continue reading
Movie fans will love Orrin Woodard's latest comparison of the current worldwide financial plight to the 1999 movie, The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne. After reading this article, you will be compelled to choose one of two paths:... Continue reading
Dan and Lisa Hawkins’ Financial Story Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest people in the world. He created his wealth through wise investment. In a CNBC interview, Warren Buffet gave advice to college students. Not surprisingly, his advice is... Continue reading
On his blog, Guinness World Record holder Orrin Woodward shared some of his thoughts on the American Income Tax system. LIFE Leadership continues to set the pace for research into the 8F's of life. Do you believe the Income Tax... Continue reading
Leadership is about trust. Therefore, when the State manipulates the money supply, it violates the trust of society's members. The goal of LIFE Leadership is to instill the proper principles to restore trust in society and the State. Recently, Orrin... Continue reading
Orrin Woodward has finally released his much anticipated book on Network Marketing. In the book, he addressed the key questions people ask like - what's the difference between a legitimate Network Marketing company and a life scam or pyramid scheme?... Continue reading
George Guzzardo shares why legacy is important. Claude Hamilton, Tim Marks and Orrin Woodward are leaving a legacy with LIFE Leadership. Just about everyone at one point or another during their life thinks about what comes after we are finished... Continue reading
This is a cool article from Tim Marks on his friend and LIFE Leadership Edge Series speaker Rick Upchurch. Orrin Woodward started Network Marketing though an hilarious story of selling Baseball and Football cards. Not surprisingly, Rick Upchurch was one... Continue reading
CEO and Co-Founder of LIFE Leadership Chris Brady, shared the facts on the 2008 Orrin Woodward Forbes article. Although much of the article is not even relevant anymore since Orrin and Chris are not in litigation with Amway/Quixtar and have... Continue reading
George Guzzardo has done an excellent review of NY Times Bestseller Orrin Woodward's new book And Justice For All. LIFE Leadership continues to produce world-class content that is reaching into the corporate world and driving change. Best selling author Orrin... Continue reading