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Robert, I just wanted to say a warm thank you for sharing your infinite wisdom with my issue. Am reading your answer over and over, until I accept it on an inner-level, b/c you're right, on an outer-level, I don't like what's happened one bit. But you mention Dharma a lot and am not familiar with that term - although I have heard of it. Is there an article you wrote about Dharma that explains it on a beginner's level or should I just use Aquarius Paper's search engine to find one or twenty? Am certain a lot of people will benefit from either learning about Dharma for the first time - like me - or being refreshed about it b/c of this Grand Irritable Bowel Syndrome of the Planets (which is how I've experienced it). Again, thank you. (sigh!) A down and out directly hit Cancer.
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Okay, I've got it. Robert you've been amazingly clear at spelling out the effects of the Cardinal Grand Cross. But I'm a Cancer with a 10 degree Sun, so I was (am giving this a bit of an orb) directly affected by this, since 2010. And, in grand Pluto fashion, I've had absolutely everything wiped away from my life. Pluto is known not to give you a choice in this. So, am I to assume this is karmic payback from another life? And, around what year will I come back to the semblance of an independent life again or will that ever happen again at all? If Pluto doesn't give you a choice in life, am assuming it's transformational reward also isn't a choice, but, instead, something that just happens to you. Let's say Pluto decided to end my life in this plane of existence, the transformation would be one of waking up as a spirit in a better world. But from this vantage point - I feel like am being tortured. It took everything away - job, relationship, home, money...everything material I ever had...except my life. So am confused. What was the point? Karmic payback? Again, will this go on for years? And will I ever recover? Thank you.
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Apr 30, 2014