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Colin Gebhart
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Been running DD-WRT on a WRT-54GL since at least 2007 and love it. A few times I've upgraded and one of my previously used features quit working. But I've always just downgraded and waited for the bug to be quashed. I've been running SP2 for a while now on 4 routers, and they have been quite solid, no maintenance needed. DD-WRT offers many more features than the stock Linksys firmware. I'd have tried Tomato, but it doesn't support virtual WLANS. This post spurred me to upgrading hardware. I've looked before, but DD-WRT at that time had more problems on hardware that supported gigabit and N. I was leaning towards Buffalo. But after reviewing the DD-WRT forums, I think I'm going with the Asus RT-N16 also.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2010 on Because Everyone Needs a Router at Coding Horror
Love it. Remote and interface is a work of genius. Would like to browse movies by alpha and genre too. Only other thing that would take it over the top is a UPnP channel so I could watch my MythTV recordings on it.
This is GREAT! I'm a year behind watching new releases, so it won't affect me. The cost savings will give Netflix less pressure to raise rates, and I'll get more streaming titles to watch on that sweet box of love known as ROKU. Let those crazy people buy movies for the first 4 weeks and finance the movie studio bigwig's lavish lifestyle. I'll get more of what I want for no extra cost. What's not to love?
@DiversiGuy 1. Just because Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or any other holiday is celebrated by an "insignificant" number of people shouldn't give someone permission to disrespect the culture of people who also live in the US by ignoring them. It is easy enough for me to talk about the Holiday Season (generally meant to be holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years), and Christmas specifically when I refer to the celebration my family has on Dec 25. 3. Christmas is not the most important holiday in Christianity. That would be Easter. It is at the wrong time of year to celebrate the birth of the person it is alleged to be about. In reality America just turned it into another commercialized holiday with a fat red elf handing out gifts, that has no relation to the way gifts were presented to the Savior in historical documents. So there is no reason to not call it the Holiday season.
@Josh The codec for DVDs is widely known and trivially easy to implement. Wii could play home authored DVDs now without having to pay the licensing fee. The problem is commercial DVDs are encrypted with a weak and long ago broken cypher. There is an open source software package that decrypts commercial DVDs. It is called DeCSS. It is technically illegal to use in the USA due to the DMCA (and also illegal in many other countries that cooperate in IP laws).
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Jan 18, 2010